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Painted Tree Marketplace - NRH

Country United States
State Texas
City North Richland Hills
Address 7800 Boulevard 26
Phone 817-345-7707

Painted Tree Marketplace - NRH Reviews

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  • Oct 18, 2019

Worst Business Concept EVER

I am a former tenant of Painted Tree. I still have yet to receive my original deposit for my space after multiple attempts to contact someone. I can only assume they do not have the funds. It is only a matter of time until all of these stores collapse. They are making ZERO money. Constantly opening new stores, but failing to make the current ones thrive? Management is awful. The turnover is consistent at least. All the people with retail knowledge eventually have "differences" with the owners and have to leave. It's the most ridiculous business concept I've ever seen. Do not waste your time and energy here. They're just overall....not good people. It's a shame. This could be a very successful store, but they have no idea how to actually generate income and build a true successful brand.

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  • Feb 22, 2018

PT Marketplace management!

I had problems with management and literally nothing would surprise me.

Lots of promises were made but not kept, for advertising and various other special promotions. Approaching Corey Gillum about the status of all these promises made before the NRH store opened basically resulted in "if it costs any money I'm not doing it".

One vendor was told with very short notice that she needed to vacate her booth and move to a less desirable spot because a vendor with greater sales wanted that spot. "Move to the new spot or get out" basically. At last count there were 19 empty booths 7 months after the grand opening--the store was at 100% occupancy on grand opening day.

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  • Feb 25, 2018


Former vendor here, all I can say is that it was a huge monetary loss for us to be involved with Painted Tree Marketplace.

We saw lots of vendors start with HIGH hopes only to see their items disappear while never showing up on sales reports.

PTM doesn't update sales in real time so it probably would be easy for someone with access to the sales data to skim off sales here and there, more than one vendor has suspected that this would be easy to do. Or is it shoplifting? We lost lot of money at Painted Tree Marketplace and finally joined the ever growing list of those vendors who gave up and closed their booth.

Do you know someone with a garage full of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in boxes? Probably a former Painted Tree marketplace vendor!

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  • Apr 23, 2020


Worked there for almost 4 months under a different management and new manger came in and let me go and some others for no reason I’m saying don’t apply there bout the time u learn everything you go ! Write you up for learning how to do the register and get wrote up so stay away from there ! Work somewhere else !

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  • Nov 30, 2017

Before this location opened, the owners (Corey Gillum and Mike Cavallo) sent 39 emails to prospective vendors assuring them that opening of the store was imminent when in fact it did not open for 8 months. Over 17 of these emails stated directly that opening was close (one said "mid-October when actual opening was hte following JUNE!). Over a hundred vendors spent large sums of money stocking the store for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Easter, etc etc believing the assurances of the owners and each time opening was delayed again, merchandise was unsold...etc, over and over. BUT when full occupancy of the building was achieved, these promised openings stopped. The owners misrepresented the true state of the business so that VENDORS would fill the store so THEY could profit when it finally opened.

Corey Gillum had many meeting with vendors before opening, essentially a sales job to get people on board. Now that the store is open, there are MANY vendors who are unhappy about several issues, including lost inventory (speculated by more than one person to be either RAMPANT shoplifting, other vendors stealing merchandise, or someone on the inside of the organization stealing). Several have suggested a vendor meeting so that these issues may be discussed but management seems to want to avoid that at all costs.

Many vendors sales have tanked and are pulling out although there seems to be a long list of other optimists who have bought the sales job by Corey Gillum and Mike Cavallo.

If you "rock the boat" you WILL be told to leave even when your rent has always been paid on time BTW.

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  • Feb 22, 2018

Painted Tree Marketplace Texas

Over priced! Filthy restroom, unfriendly staff, couldn't get ANY help to move my items out.

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