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Page Automotive

Country United States
State California
City Corona
Address 811 E 6th St
Phone 951-735-6541

Page Automotive Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2015

This guy is a con artist. I started working for him and he seemed to be legit untill about a month later he slipped and seemed to be the most crooked guy u could ever meet plus he also looks and acts like a crack head. I've found ads on craigslist that he's selling all his appliances that he's renting from rent a center. He's also trying to rent out a room in the house he's renting. I think the funniest ad was bible study for people who just wanna talk about jesus he says wow I'm pretty sure the bible does not condone theft. I've seen the mobile mechanic ads and this guy know nothing about mechanics when he had his shop he would just tell every customer they needed to change their fuel filter I would just nod my head in discrace. Juat going to screw more people over with his lies and deception. He's also tried to sue people to get money he owes the cox radio station 15,000.00 and tried to sue this guy he was doing business with for 20,000.00. He's not someone you want working on your car. The address is his new home address and cell the 210-367-4667. Still works he just blocked lots of people.

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