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Padspin Reviews

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  • Jan 30, 2019

Fastest Way To Rent

I'm a landlord and always dread the departure of my tenants and the inevitable broker's fees and periods of lost rental income that ensue. My tenant notified me a month before the end of the lease that he was moving out and told me that he had shown the apartment to someone through Padspin and that they were interested in living there. I contacted them and they signed the lease the next day. It was a seamless process and I saved a lot of time and money. The Padspin team was great to work with.

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  • Oct 19, 2019

Never refund deposit

Fastest way to keep and not refund your deposit, horrible company don’t use

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  • Jan 30, 2019

Padspin Fights for New Yorkers

I hadn't really planned on moving since my last experience finding an apartment was so awful (craigslist shadiness, bait-and-switches, and brokers in turn both aggressive and dismissive). i assumed I would just renew my lease to avoid the hassle. A friend recommended to me that I check out Padspin. The site was really well done and let me browse at my leisure. Scheduling was really easy. I got follow-up calls from them and I felt like I was getting 'white glove' treatment that a good broker provides; except I wasn't paying thousands in broker fees. I was able to nail down a great 1BR in Park Slope. I just had a great experience with them from the beginning to the end; highly recommended.

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  • Dec 22, 2018

Padspin Saved Me Thousands!

I used Padspin about a year ago, recommended by a friend, so I thought why not give it a try.

First I wasn't so sure, because I remember correctly, the site asked you to register, so I checked with my friend, and she said is safe to do that.

I personally don't like register anything I'm not so sure where it will lead me, especially I maybe a chance getting a lo of junk mails.

Everything went well after I registered, and I went on their site and check what is available.

First I like to point out, their listing do not have a huge inventory, which is great, I can't be sitting in front of the computer looking at thousands of apartment options, even tho their inventory is not huge, but will give you a good 30-40 choices you can select.

I selected maybe 3 of them if I remember correctly, and I believe I have to clicked on something on the website saying that I'm interested in this selected apartment, and Padspin will contact me for more information. Within 30 minutes or so, someone name Jeff called.

He was asking questions like what am I looking for, what area, how many bedroom, what my budget etc.

I saw one apartment in Gramercy I'm interested in, and immediately Jeff set me up an appointment for visitation on the same day.

I saw the apartment, and the current renter there was super nice, and the location is perfect.

The couple that was living there told me, their lease not up till Jul, but they need to move out by April, and my options will be take over the apartment and start a new lease, or take over their lease from April-Jul and start a new lease on Jul going forward

I have to be honest, at that time, my credit score wasn't that great, and I was afraid I'm not qualify for the new lease or even taken over the current renter lease might have an issue for me.

But the current renter and Jeff both are super helpful, they told me everything what exactly paperwork the landlord needed, so I took care of it immediately instead of going back and forth they asking me thousand of questions.

The background credit check took a few days, and of course these few days will be the longest days ever, but during that time, Jeff will called and checked on me, see how everything are, I thought that was very nice.

Few days later, I approved!!!


I paid the fee Padspin require, I think is $300 or $350, I can't remember the exact amount, but is much, much better paying the entire month for broker fee, which I think is just highway robberies, seriously???? 1 month broker fee? You use the key the landlord giving you, and you unlock the door for me, and I have to look around the place myself, they must be outside their mind.

I been living my new apartment for a year now, I loving it, and thanks for Jeff at Padspin connected me with the great people and the perfect apartment for me.

I been recommend this site to a lot of people.

This review is base on my personal experience with Padspin, I saw a few negative reviews on here which I can't comment on that, but my personal experience was great.

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  • Jan 30, 2019

Overall, i would describe my experience with padspin as quite pleasant.

My roommate and i started apartment hunting in end april with expected move-in date in late may. The schedule is rather tight, the budget is ok. But we managed to sign a very lovely apartment in 4 weeks with the help of padspin, not to mention they only charge very little service fee.

We were directed by the padspin team to do a self-service apartment visiting. After seeing the apartment we decided to apply for it. It takes padspin, us, and the current tenant one week to do the coordination and the following week waiting for the result to come out. But to our surprise, after one week's waiting we were told by the landlord we are rejected because some issue with our current landlord, and the apartment management team is pretty firm about it.

I thought that would be the end of story and got very despondent, but just when we thought we're gonna give up on that lovely apartment, padspin team followed up with us and say they are willing to persuade the landlord to reconsider our case. After one week struggling and lots of back and forth, we listed the best condition we can offer and finally, words came from the landlord that we got the apartment. We owe this to the help of padspin.

I would say the thing padspin does is literally same as a real estate agent, but with much lower fee. But also one should be noted that the communication with current tenants is also important. In our case, we are very lucky that current tenants are very friendly and helpful.

Last but not least, always maintain a good communication with padspin if you come across problems in application process.

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  • Nov 9, 2017

Padspin is a complete and total fraudulent company! Stay far away as possible!! They look for individual listing on Craigslist post by owner and contact you, bait you into their total fraud business model. Jeff Siegel promised they will only list your apt on their website which has thousand followers and you only liable paying them fees if they lease the apt for you, find right applicants to submit application within 3days, otherwise you don’t owe them anything. I never get a response for the first 3days after the contract and even with text messages to follow up. No updates, no follow ups.

Until 6th day, I found a realtor who is willing to help me lease the apt; only found out Jeff publicly list the apt on StreetEasy and turn around want to charge me $425 for breach the contract which expired 2days before I signed with realtor. Umm, hello, I signed the contract with term only 3days, I didnt grant him indefinite date to lease my apt nor give permission for him to list elsewhere other than his website. As soon as I asked him to remove the listing on Streeteasy, he basically pull out this so called *general counsel, Stephan* (legal team) from his company and threaten they are not allowed to speak with user on the phone and require everything documented, so communication only limited through email.

What’s a fraud business they are running!! Instead of working with you on issues, they keep asking you to make the payment through the link they attached in email, didn’t admit any of bait behaviors they did or dishonest business conduct they are running the business, only force you to make the payment and threaten you better do it before they take any further actions!! STAY AWAY!! This is most disgusting thing they are doing their business, lie to their customers and ripped off! Be aware!! I’m looking into legal actions with them. Everything they did is wrong!!

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  • Jun 17, 2017

Padspin is a complete and total fraudulent company! They violated the language in their agreement by guaranteeing that the owner would be responsible for all application fees for the co-op. I have a voice recording of The owner instructing me to go out in a blizzard to give $1000 cash to a family friend, to put that towards the apartment application fee. Soooo SHADY!! I canceled my order within 24 hours of my conversation with the owner due to the dueling messages that were being sent. Padspin was guaranteeing that the tenant would not pay any fees and the owner was telling me that I was responsible for the fees. Additionally, The site's home page states "Padspin's service cost $400, which you only pay if you sign a lease" is a further proof of fraud. I never signed a lease and was still charged $400! This guy Jeffrey Segal and his "company" (if you can call it that) "paddling" are a total scam! Avoid at all costs! He promises you "no fees" and then kills you with a $400 tab regardless of the fact that he doesn't find you an apartment . HORRIBLE! I've lived in New York City for 15 years and dealt with so many realtors and real estate companies and this is by far the most disgusting fraudulent company I've ever encountered in New York .

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  • Jun 15, 2016

This start-up business connects prospective renters with tenants willing to break the lease on apartments in NYC, arranges a showing and charges $350 fee for the service. It only tells customers that the fee will only be kept after the apartment deal goes through.

I found them on Streeteasy & went to see the studio in Hell's kitchen. The current tenant showed the place, and asked if I can buy off all furniture. She informed that this is a deal-breaker. She also informed me that she is currently paying $1725, and there is a possibility of lease transfer and keeping the same price.

Even estimating the rent to be $1800 a month, additional $600 dollars made sense. I expressed interest in applying and promptly transferred $350 to Padpin.

It was explained to me that they only way they will keep the money is if the "deal goes through". Nothing was mentioned about the 50% refund or 24 cancellation period. It was also not mentioned that expressing interest is considered "applying".

In the email communication that the tenant CC'd me on, I learned that the landlord didn't deal with customers directly, always going through a specific broker. This is when the legality and legitimacy of the whole arrangement started becoming suspicious.

After 2 more days I got application materials from the landlord. At that point I had to withdraw my interest due to external circumstances. After notifying the business, the landlord and the tenant that I won't be pursuing the application I got zero response from Padspin.

Several emails and calls later they finally responded refusing to issue a refund. Moreover, the CEO (it's a 3-person operation apparently) was extremely rude, and unprofessional suggesting that I ruined business for them and the tenant. Where in fact this is a business process flaw, that the customer should not be responsible for. As many Yelp reviews indicate, lots of other clients struggled with the exact same opaque processes.

Full refund of $350 seems like a proper resultion in this case.

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  • Jan 22, 2019

Jeff segal is a scum and a scam and a con, all in one. His company is a fraud and he uses intimidation tactics to coerce you into his scheme. I'm a local new yorker, obviously this garbage wouldn't work on me but unfortunately he will scare newly immigrated new yorkers that may be more susceptible to his tactics. If you are getting threats from him, just ignore and tell him to fk off. He has no "counsel" and his contracts are bogus. Total loser and probably a virgin.

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  • Aug 2, 2019

Intimidation tactics by Jeff Segal

STAY AWAY from this company!

Jeff Segal is the most rude person i have ever talked.

After I decided to no to move out of my place due medical reasons he’s been calling me every day to my cellphone threatening me and trying to intimidate me that he will sue me for breach of contact (there’s was no contract) they use intimidation tactics to get what they want

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  • Aug 24, 2018

Jeff Segal is rude and unprofessional. Stay away.

Ridiculous. I put my apartment up on CL to sublet and I get an email from Jeff posing as an interested renter. When he finally says that he's advertising Padspin I tell him I'm not interested in paying for any services, at which point he starts insulting and berating me. Hung up, blocked the number, and looked up some reviews online.

They are wasting people's time to try and advertise their piece-of-crap real estate company, and they are rude while doing it. Absurd.

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  • Aug 24, 2018

Jeff Segal is rude and unprofessional. Stay away.

Listed my apartment for sublet on Craigslist. Jeff emailed me, posing as an interested renter. On the phone, when he finally revealed that he was just trying to sell Padspin, I said I wasn't interested in paying him for any services, at which point he starts insulting and yelling at me. Hung up, blocked the number, and looked up some other reviews online to see that he was doing the same thing to many others.

I have no idea why he thinks this is a good way to advertise his business, or why he thinks it's acceptable to yell at potential clients over the phone. Absurd.

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  • Jan 13, 2020

Lease Assignment Success!

This review is based on my experience looking to assign my lease to new tenants.

I accepted a job offer in a different city and needed to move in a month. I posted on Craigslist and was contacted by Padspin a few days later. I was a bit unsure at first because I had never heard of them. I was nonetheless drawn to Padspin's philosophy of no broker's fees. They charge a flat fee (to the apartment seekers) that is thousands less than what you would normally pay. I would have no problem paying a broker's fee if the broker actually did any of the work to find a suitable apartment. From my experience, I always did the legwork/research, and then a broker would show up to the apartments I found and collect the one month's rent fee (or more) without doing much at all. So, I decided to give Padspin a try.

It is important to note that working with Padspin did not really limit my options. I was still actively seeking renters on Craigslist (and similar sites) while they were working on their end. The only thing that was required of me was not to work with a broker/agent for the first three days. This was not a problem since I was not working with one at all. Within a couple days, Padspin scheduled and sent me a list of prospective tenants. This continued on an almost daily basis. They would call/text to make sure what times I could show the place and the rest was handled.

My apartment was rented within 10 days (from a Padspin contact), so I am definitely satisfied with my experience. Nonetheless, even if I had rented from a Craigslist/other site contact, I would still recommend Padspin. Why not get more bites at the apple? Overall, very happy and would recommend to renters and seekers alike.

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  • Sep 2, 2019

Had To Break My Lease

I read about Padspin in The Wall Street Journal this morning and had an application on an apartment 6 hours later. I was getting desperate and was starting to consider paying a broker to get out of my lease. This service totally blew me away.Thanks Padspin!

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  • Aug 24, 2018

Jeff Segal is rude and unprofessional. Stay away.

Jeff contacts people who post on CL trying to sublet their apartments. He poses as an interested renter and then gives you his sales pitch. When you turn him down he is rude and unprofessional. I hung up and blocked his number.

Received several more "interested in your apartment, give me call" emails from him to my CL ad, which I ignored. Pretty crappy business model to waste the time of genuine subletters and then yell at them over the phone when they say that they don't want to buy whatever service you're selling.

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  • Jan 14, 2020

Best Rental Site Ever

I got an awesome apartment and didn;t have to shell out thousands in absurd broker fees.

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  • Jan 13, 2020

Great Service!

I hadn't really planned on moving since my last experience finding an apartment was so awful (craigslist shadiness, bait-and-switches, and brokers in turn both aggressive and dismissive). i assumed I would just renew my lease to avoid the hassle. A friend recommended to me that I check out Padspin. The site was really well done and let me browse at my leisure. Scheduling was really easy. I got follow-up calls from them and I felt like I was getting 'white glove' treatment that a good broker provides; except I wasn't paying thousands in broker fees. I was able to nail down a great 1BR in Park Slope. I just had a great experience with them from the beginning to the end; highly recommended.

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  • Aug 12, 2019

This company reached out to me about an apartment, had me visit in person, then refused to answer my texts or calls once i'd asked to put in an application. Completely unprofessional and rude.

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  • Mar 1, 2020

The worst

After months of dealing with Padspin the company never sent me my full refund. Jeff, the CEO, has full on yelled at me on the phone multiple times. He is a terrible person. I asked for my month back that I was rightfully owed. Don't use Padspin if you don't want to be made feel like everything is your fault. They are the worst.

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  • Dec 5, 2019

Jeff Segal is scarry

I have never actually felt afraid from an apartment broker before. Stay away!

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  • Nov 18, 2019


Jeff is definitely making his friends upvote the positive reviews because there is no way anyone has been helped by this company. As mentioned in most of the reviews here Jeff is unprofessional, rude and resorts to threats when you attempt to make legitimate reviews and complaints.

The company lies and goes silent when you have questions or want to go in a different direction. Save yourself the head and don't use this "company" it is not worth the headache and disrespect you'll face in a rental market that is already stressful enough.

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  • Jan 30, 2021

Padspin is a broker, not sure why they say they aren't. Dealing with them is a really confusing experience - not to mention getting yelled at by the owner for asking basic questions.

I saw this apartment listing on the site, a no-fee, by owner, apartment rental site in NYC. I contacted the number and arranged for a viewing. After I viewed the apartment at 10:30am that morning, I wanted to apply so I called the number back and discovered that the listing was represented by a third party company called Padspin (not the landlord or the tenant) and the person on the phone, Jeff Segal, informed me that if I wanted to apply, I would need to send him $850 immediately. He said they were not a broker and that they were 'disrupting the real estate space' and helping New Yorkers save thousands of dollars on brokers.

I asked him where the $850 was going and he dodged that questions amongst others (are you guys a broker, why is there a fee, why did you list on a no-fee site...) and began pushing me to pay: "There are 20 people waiting to see this apartment so if you don't pay, we'll just move on." I asked him to send me a formal document outlining the terms of the payment, but I never received anything official, instead, I got in my inbox a Paypal invoice for $850. I felt pressured and pushed by Jeff to pay him this money, which he did not disclose upfront, either on the advertisement or on the initial phone call. When I looked up his site, I was further confused: "No brokers or crazy fees" and "Transparency" is not what I was experiencing.

I was in a desperate and timely bind to find a new apartment, so I felt like I had no choice, but send Jeff the $850. Despite numerous attempts to understand the nature of their business process and where the $850 breakdown would be going, I got no further information from Jeff. I believe Jeff Segal is running a real estate brokerage company under false advertising on their site, which leads you to believe that they are not a broker and that they have no fees. They list their apartments on certain sites (such as as 'no fee', which is a lie. They don't tell prospective tenants upfront and only disclose the fee at the point when they want to apply, which can often be a desperate and stressful place.

Jeff then pressures and pushes you to pay as soon as possible, saying that there are many people waiting and that they can easily move on. This put me under duress, as I was desperate to find a home quickly. With Padspin, nothing is upfront or clear and you are forced to pay quickly if you want to apply, with very little information. I think what Jeff does is awful - preying on people in a vulnerable situation. I was and still am confused by what he does and why he markets himself this way, when he could just be upfront and clear that he is a broker with lower fees. Maybe he can't be a broker the legal way, so he has to do this... but either way, he is absolutely misleading people so his business practice is fraudulent.

They have a Yelp business page that they deleted, but you can still find it if you search.

  • Aug 6, 2020


I made an appointment to view an apartment with Jeff and unfortunately had to cancel because I had a serious emergency regarding a child. As soon as possible I tried to reschedule with Jeff he said okay. Then I received a phone call from Jeff him DEMANDING to know my private emergency because I didn’t waste HIS time but the super was apparently waiting for me the previous day. He was yelling at me on the phone and being inappropriate definitely not nice customer approach.

The previous day he had given me the supers number so I text the super and apologized for not being able to show up and told him that I had an emergency. He was fine with it but he wasn’t fine with the fact that Jeff was refusing to show me the apartment (it’s his job he is the broker). Jeff also didn’t appropriately communicate to the super that I wasn’t coming and I do admit it was very last minute on my end which is why I contacted the super.

Super said I could come see the apartment so I did. The apartment ended up not being for me... after all that. Jeff is now threatening me and saying he is going to sue me, I am a bully, I can’t post a bad review of him.

Also, I did mention to Jeff that I was disabled and then he told me I am a scammer and I was 100% NOT getting the apartment. Very aggressive. I am so confused by his behavior.Maybe just don’t get involved with this company from my point of view.

The super was very nice.

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