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Ourisman Hyundai

Country United States
State Maryland
City Laurel
Address 3516 Fort Meade Rd
Phone 301-725-4400

Ourisman Hyundai Reviews

  • Jul 9, 2016

This dealership is the shadiest dealership I've ever dealt with. I don't appreciate the way my deal was handled with the purchase of my Daughter's car on which I was the co-signer. 70 days after the deal, the finance manager called me and told me I had to return the car due to the deal not going through with the bank. He also threatened to call my "Commanding Officer" after telling me he sent me numerous text messages to return the car (which was a lie) the bank tried to charge me sales tax, being that I am tax exempt, the dealership was going back and forth with the bank for almost 2 months. I'm not sure how this resulted in being my fault.

Well my Daughter finally agreed to pay the sales tax and redo the contract. This was on the 25th of June. The dealership told my Daughter she had to come in with two payments reflecting the new monthly payment amount with the taxes included. The dealership said the bank was demanding this on June 25th. (Although her payments were due on the 29, so it should have only been one)

I write the check and send my Daughter in with the payment on June 27th, she resigned the contract and told me I had to resign the contract with Shawn Thompson, he would be there until 9pm. I went to the dealership at 8:30pm that same day, Shawn was nowhere to be found. I called Shawn the next day, no answer, just like 20 other times I've called him in the last 60 days

So on July 8th, I check my bank account and found that the check I had wrote out to the bank had been illegally altered to say "Ourisman" on the pay to order line instead of "RAC" which was originally written by me. I get a call this same day from the finance manager (Rick Mims) demanding I return the car. He was yelling in the phone so loud, I would barley understand what he was saying.

This dealership is a fraud. Do not go to them to get a car. I will be talking to JAG and a civilian attorney about this situation ASAP!

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