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Orchid Island Pizzeria

Country United States
State Florida
City Vero Beach
Address 9300 Florida A1A
Phone 772-388-5151

Orchid Island Pizzeria Reviews

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  • Jun 2, 2016

Hi there i got very sick at eateing at orchid island pizza i was sick there last year i thought i would try it again sorry i did i ask for a refund the nast manger told me you get no refund and get the f*** out of his pizza shop and called me a a** hole trailer trash or he was goeing to call the police on me my 90 year old grandmother starteing to cry and take your old bag b**** mother with you total disrespect for eldery people and there customers i got sick there again twice dont get sick there a very unsafe health haszard restrant i watched employeess scratch there a** touch there hair and face did not wash hands or weare gloves they care about a quick buck not your intrest and when they serve you rotteing food and make you sick and wont give you a refund that is stealeing just like theft and shop lifteing the food is not ediable

so they just stole your money ask for a refund they will tell you to f ck yourself and call the police on you they need shut down before some one gets real sick like people with low inmune system sick people old people and chrildren i dont care about the money they stule from me and scamed i do care about the health and saftey of people manger yelled and called his workes to get back to work or he wont pay them he probley dont pay minnum wage and taxes and pockets the rest of the money he does not ring up orders on cash register he said it was broke he lied i saw it under the counter he was pocketing the sales tax money plese help shut him down might save you and your family and friends of getting very sick i will never eat there agai i rather eat out of a dumpster and roadkill thanks very sick customer in vero beach fl severe diareea and throueing up with serve stomach pains and stomach cramps

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