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Country United Kingdom
City North Finchley, London
Address Winnington House, 2 Woodberry Grove
Phone (800) 528 3559

OptionMint Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2017

I never traded before online until I joined this company called OptionMint . They seemed to be a trusted company and I thought I was going to win some money and have some fun. Unfortunely this company scams because I wanted to withdraw funds one time and they wouldn't allow me. I also made deposits in my account for $2,500 dollars and more. I started back in Dec. 2014 and finally getting this report done because I still want my money and this company should be sued and I want to be in it if it happens.

  • Nov 27, 2015

Preview Report Title: Option Mint. I were opening Account with Option Mint and I was told the I'll have a Full Support and I'll have 80% Risk Free, what that was meand to me, the I'll be able to Gain Money by Trading with this Company and all Trading will be done by my Broker, and I also will be getting Bobus Match to everuy Deposit that I'll be making in my Account, after opening Account with Then and making Two Deposit of $350 Each, I got to see some extra Bonus on my Account, but when it's become the my Broker needed to start making the Trading for me, He just Backed Up with that and told me the I'm the One that need to do all the Trading, what I was getting Offensive on Him, and I desided to get my Money back and close my Account, but Unfortnatly, I didn;'t was able to get my Money back from Him, and I had to Dispute it with my Credit Card Company, afetr all I got Temperarly Credit for my Both Depost of my Money, $700 in Total, but the Company, Option Mint Fight back for that and my Credit Card Co. revers $350 back to my Account, and credit this Co. with my Money of $350 what the I try to Fight back to clear this with my Bank and with Option Mint for this Unfair Move, but I get negative Respond from Both of The. I have to say, the I never made any Trade, and I didn;'t uesed even One Dillar to do and Trade, and when I contact my Broker, and I asked for my Money back, and I wase telling Him if You are holing my Money, w=Why You closed my Account with the Company, He were telling me because I withrow the other $350, and He had made for me Trading, and I did lost the $350 plus the Company Bonus that He Claim the gived that to me, then I asked Him for Aproval for all the Trading the He made, but I got Big Ziro Approval for all the Trading that He claim the He have don for me. I'm asking from you, for Help to get my Money back from This Company. New York. Internet

  • Oct 14, 2015

This is an internet site for binary options in trading.

I have never invested in stocks before, online or offline.

My credit card was immediately assessed for 23,000 dollars

from Dublin, Ireland. My credit union wisely denied this

as I had contributed only $150 for trading.

Then it was assessed, a few hours later, for $260. Again denied

by my credit card company.

I was able to trade and win $446.39 on Sept. 3. Their web site

says they will deposit profits within 24 hours.

After 3 weeks of emailing and calling and usiing CHAT, they finally deposited

$370.91. for which they advertise a wire transfer fee of $25.

Instead they debited an additonal $50 from my profits.

I emailed them and said I had reported them to an address

in London, England, which is on their web site.

That company said it is not their business address for Option Mint and to report this

to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, City of London Police,

under Action Fraud.

So I emailed Option Mint and gave them the opportunity to

reimburse me or I would do the above. Their reply was:

"Good luck with the complaint."

They never deposited the missing $50. It has been a month.

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