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Country Nigeria
City Ota
Address 10 Lateef Onibudo
Phone 234 809 593 0703

OnlineNaira Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2022

Very bad service, terrible support, fraudulent attitude. Terrible experience all round. If Nigeria had proper consumer laws they should be fined.

I attempted to find my wallet on their platform in a transaction that claimed to be successful. My bank account was debited and I got no money in my account with them. I tried again for the exact same amount and this time it failed. Again my bank account was debited with no concurrent deposit in my account with them.

I complained about this in online Chat and requested to credit one deposit and refund the other. Support asked for a screenshot which I sent. They did nothing so I reached out on WhatsApp this morning. They asked for my deposit receipt. After a while the support said they had credited both sums into my onlinenaira account.

I repeated my request to send one failed payment to my bank account. They said it's impossible and that I can keep the money there until I needed it, without acknowledging that I might have other uses for the money. At first I objected but then I said ok, at least refund the second charge which I was debited through no fault of mine. Again he said there would be no refund.

I told him the failed transaction was their fault and that I should not be made to pay for it. This guy fraudulently claimed that it was not their fault. To withdraw the money there's a fee. He then offered me to withdraw without a fee. I told him that I'd only accept that if the wrong debit on the failed transaction through no fault of mine was refunded. He ignored me.

I then told him I'd make an honest review here and in other places and he said I should give it my best shot. Well this is my first shot. But I won't stop here.

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