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Country United States
State Utah
City Lehi
Address 770 E Main St. #250
Website Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2019

I pay $69 to try their service out. Got a few reply but they all seem very uneducated. Then i got one girl who couldn't answer very basic question. Last 3 job you had , how much was pay, how long it lasted, and what's the reason you left. She went on to say something completely different and i ended the phone interview because it was obvious this person has low IQ. I then got a text on wechat saying that "i will not work for dumb chinese" I was like what? then I started to call her out and told her she was an idiot. Then she proceed to start using racist chinese slur on text message on wechat. I told her she will be reported to that online company.

Then to my surprise I got a email from from support theatening me to delete my account for racist behavior? WOW REALLY, that's insane I got my wechat messages right here for anyone to see. Then this person also went online to find me and try to blast my reputation, but sadly since she has low IQ she found someone else that wasn't even me, some real estate guy.

Then she tried to blackmail me using another phone number, sending that guy info saying she putting it out on the internet? any ways DONT DEAL, do not subscribe. You will regret it. I have the wechat screen shot right here to proof my side of the story and. Stay away from this company.

Wasted $69 and extremely angry. I was shock at how unprofessional the company was in their email to me. But I think it's the same people all together. total Scam. Stay away at all cost

  • May 1, 2018

Scam For US Busines Owners! These People Never Stay

I used this company for four months and hired 9 people to do hardly nothing and 7 of them quit with no reason. The other two couldn't seem to come to stay up to work central time. This was a waste of money with the fee for the service, the training and the workers pay. I didn't benefit from this service at all !

  • May 6, 2016

Everything was going great until some issues started to arise. They will take your payment of $50/month and not actually post your jobs, how bogus is that? They post FAKE jobs instead leaving both us employers and employees out of luck. What I don't get is why they do this when we pay them for their services?

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