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report scam

Country India
State Kerala
City Trivandrum, Kerala
Address PENGG House, 4th Floor, TC 11/729(4), Division Office Road, Near PMG Jn,
Phone 91 944 606 2493
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  • Jan 26, 2022

OneTikk of Kerala India was paid to build a SaaS shopping cart website builder on The application doesn't work, it has never worked in 3 easy steps. Krishna Kumar has a history of committing fraud and it appears he has done it again. He was employed by IBM for 16 yrs as he states with a non competion clause not to work for other companies.

Krishna Kumar's wife owns the company, and krishna uses the email address [email protected] to business with OneTikk while continuing his work with IBM. He carries a title of Dr. also. But it appears he is a Dr. of Scams.......He's a common street rat thief. We paid him for the application and he has stolen the documentation, application, & deleted several websites of American companies without regard for their business. Krishna Kumar is a rat.

We are in contact with IBM right now as I write this report. We are in contact with the authorities in India & the USA. We are contacting every business in America that we can to inform them of Krishna Kumar, Kavitha Somasekharan Kumar, Dileep G. One Travelspoc are all connected together in an international criminal enterprise run out of India where these rats hide from ethics, morals, & human decency.

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