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Onetikk Consultants Pvt LTD

Country India
State Kerala
City Technopark Campus,Trivandrum
Address 4th Floor, CDAC- Knowledge Resource Centre
Phone 91 944 606 2493

Onetikk Consultants Pvt LTD Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2022

The owner of One Tikk Kavithan Kumar & CEO Krishna Kumar use the name of PMI Institute to lure people into beleiving they're a credible orginization. But wait....Krishna Kumar committed an ongoing FRAUD against IBM for almost 10 years or more. And now he is doing the same thing at PMI Kerala as the President of PMI Kerala. Does PMI know he committed FRAUD against IBM by working for OneTikk while working for IBM at the same time? No they most likely do not know Krishna Kumar is a confidence man. A con artist.

One Tikk was contracted to build a workalble SaaS shopping cart software solution over the last 1 1/2. They comitted fraud instead.

Krishna kumar goes by the name of Dr. Krishna Kumar(VP IBM) & claims to be president of PMI Kerala. When I met him, he told me "don't tell anyone I still work for IBM" other words he was committing FRAUD. I thought to myself it's kind of weird for someone with that level of acheivement to lie so blantantly....He is a criminal. VERY SIMPLE.

The only reason I worked with him is because he claimed he is an "honest Indian" as he would always say.....I thought due to his association with PMI, it might be correct. But there is the FRAUD committed against IBM. Turns out he is just a street rat. When i confronted him over this, he started crying and telling me he had to steal. He said he has no choice. He said when IBM never caught him, he realized he could cheat any American, European, Australian. He even offered me money to stay quiet. I won't.

He told me he would use his position in PMI to commit more fraud, and use the name to con Americans into believing OneTikk, PMI, Krishna Kumar, Kavitha Kumar are honest people. One Tikk are thieves and have committed FRAUD. They have deleted websites of our clients. That is another crime. They hide in India and commit online crimes.

We are suing them in US Court.

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