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OneGuard Home Warranties

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 20410 N 19th Ave #200
Phone 844-663-4827

OneGuard Home Warranties Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2022

one guard past 2 years is nothing but a scam with any of the techs they call out, oh sure they will cove the item thats bad, but then ALL the techs will also find all the extra's that MUST be done or they wont replace item. Like wiring, hoses, cables, exchange fees, what ever. water heater, sure they cover a water heater, but even if you in and out hoses are in perfect condition, the scam tech in our case AV pluming says oh we need to charge you $450 for new pipes thats about $50 in materials, or they wont install it. Then another $159 to exchange the water heater thats still under warranty that one guard just replaced less than 4 years ago. see this is why all the techs LOVE the one guard warranty, One guard just pays them for the labor at a reduced rate and then the techs make that up by charging YOU the one guard customer in extra hidden fee's that THEY says is required to finish the repair or replacement, great scam these warranties company have going with all the repair techs. Nice game they have going on here, dont believe me, try getting a repair or replacement on any covered item, YOU will have out of pocket costs every time.

  • May 11, 2022

After collecting $50 per month for over 2 years, The 1st time I need a major repair they denied it. My AC sprang a leak in the A-coil. ACX was covered by their warranty but they refused to pay for the repair. I had to pay for it myself & they refused to refund my premiums. I am so Angry!

This "warranty" is garbage. Don't fall for their scam! I'd rate them zero stars if it was an option.

  • Aug 20, 2021

My pool pump went out and, as I paid additioanl money to have it covered, I called OneGuard to have someon fix.

The mediocre tech said he could not fix it, but would gladly replace it for $1500 as the problem with my pump was not covered. They claimed that an OUTDOOR POOL PUMP would not be covered for WATER DAMAGE, which OneGuard confirmed they would not cover.

I had to have the pump replaced by an actual, qualified pool maintanance professional, as you obviously can't just let a pool sit idle in August in Arizona.

  • Nov 7, 2020

I have a dishwasher that began to consistently leak midcycle. I requested service the repair man has come out twice he does not know how to fix the problem and one guard homewarranty refuses to either grant a replacement or acknowledge that a replacement is needed. They Are a scam!

  • Apr 18, 2017

Don't purchase this home warranty company for your home. I was talked into purchasing this warranty company when I bought my home a few years ago by my realtor. I had purchased a home warranty company in the past but it wasn't this company. I should've read the review Online via One Guard. This company is very difficult to work with and they send out inadequate contractors. I've had problems with this warranty company for my hot water heater recently. They had sent out an inadequate contractor and so I filed a complaint and was told they would send out another contractor for my water heater and I would only be charged the ONE service fee of 69.00 after the the second company came out to look at my hot water heater. I was told only one fee. The second company has not been out yet and One Guard charged me for the first company and now I'm being told I have to be charged a second fee for the second contractor. This is NOT what they told me. I was told one fee ONLY after the second contractor came out. The second contractor has not even been out yet to look at my hot water heater. I Was Lied too and now IM being charged for fees (2) I DID NOT authorize. STAY AWAY from this company! It's not worth your money or your aggravation!! Purchase the other well known company! Awful experience!!

  • Jan 4, 2017

My wife and I purchased our home in Phoenix, AZ in March of this year (2016). We had the home inspection completed before purchasing. We added the OneGuard Home Warranty at the time of purchase. This home warranty included One Guard's "No-Fault Coverage."

On November 30, 2016, we noticed that when we turned on the heat in our home, nothing but weak, cool air came out of our vents. We called OneGuard to let them know, who in turn, contacted an HVAC specialist to come repair the issue. The HVAC specialist came out December 1, 2016 and inspected what was going on. What he found was that at some point, the heater pump in the HVAC Roof Unit had been removed. He stated that there was nothing he could do except replace the entire unit.

Oneguard Home Warranty Representative - Josh calls us the same day to inform me know that this was a pre-existing condition even though our home inspection report dated Feb. 20, 2016 that states clearly that the heating & cooling both were tested & working fine. We also have OneGuard's "No-Fault Coverage" included our Warranty Agreement with them and this specifically covers "Pre-Existing" Conditions. I proceeded to email Josh a copy of our home inspection report that he requested.

The following day - December 2, 2016, the same OneGuard Representative - Josh called to say that they reviewed the Home Inspection Contract & stated once again that they will not be covering any of the costs. They stated that the inspector did not inspect the actual heating unit within the hvac housing & that by the photos, the heating portion of this unit is missing & that the oxidized wiring means it’s been unhooked for quite some time. He stated again that this means it was a “pre-existing” condition in which they do not cover. I addressed the fact that we have "No-Fault Coverage" clearly included in our warranty which covers "breakdowns caused by unknown defects and conditions that predate the effective date of this contract." OneGuard even has an official Youtube video clearly stating the details of their "No-Fault Coverage" and Pre-Existing Conditions covered -

December 12, 2016 - OneGuard sends an email out with the reasoning behind their decision not to cover the HVAC unit. They sent a copy of the contract with portions highlighted that they thought proved themselves correct. It states clearly that the units covered needs to be visually inspected and undergo a simple mechanical test. In our Americana Inspection Report, it clearly states "The Heat Pump is functional but older." It also goes on to say "The heat pump responded to a request for cooling and heatng." I included copies of the Home Inspection Report as well as the OneGuard Home Warranty.

We have obtained legal counsel to pursue compensation for the replacement of our HVAC Unit. It is clear to us that OneGuard Home Warranties is trying to get out of paying for our HVAC Unit repair by fraudulently denying our claims. They went to a great length to sell us the home warranty that included the "No Fault Coverage," but then they go to any length not to cover our repairs when we need them. We are currently without any heat source what so ever in our home as we cannot afford to buy a new unit. Our lawyer has delivered an official letter to OneGuard stating our disagreement. We will pursue this as far as it needs to be taken for proper resolution.

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