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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 5870 West Jefferson Blvd Studio A
Phone 1 310-594-5357

OneFinestay Reviews

  • Jun 29, 2020

My Husband and myself booked , what we thought was refundable stay through a travel company Onefinestay. We booked a trip from San Diego to London England. This all before Covid 19.

Once the breakout started I became nevous because I have a rare genitic disease that affects my lungs and kidneys. I spent months explaining this to these folks and countless hours. Eventually they offered 1/2 our money back, as if that was acceptable. Please let me remind everyone that England and US have boarder and travel bans. They then offered us a credit to use them for other locations upto 12 months, still no full refund. Then they offered a credit upto 18 months , no full refund. Im not sure what situation life finds most people in but a $14,000.00 dream trip being canceled and a company holding our money for 18 months for example is NOT wjhat I signed up for and not what is acceptable.

I am a patient at the NHI. The same one giving the US and much of the world direction and they firmly advised me NOT to travel any time in the near future. Until there is a vaccine and even then to be cautious to see if it works. This company has no ethics, no sympthy and should not be trusted. If they treat someone in my situation like this , how would you feel you would be treated?

Its very unsafe to travel right now in my condition and its so unfortunite that among all of this Ive spent months fighting with this company which has seriously caused me distress. Stay away from this company at all costs, there are plenty others out there.


  • Sep 27, 2016

We just came back from a visit to London, where we stayed at a residence at 35 Donne Place near the South Kensington train station. Before booking, we asked the OneFineStay booking agent explicitly, "Is it quiet?" "Oh, yes" we were told. While the house was well-appointed and comfortable, OneFineStay failed to disclose the fact that the train tracks were no more than 30 feet away from the house. So, at 5:30 every morning, we would be awakened with the trains rumbling by every 2-3 minutes. After we returned to the US, we complained that OneFineStay had not disclosed this fact in their "Truths" about the unit. After hearing our complaint, they revised the disclosure to read as follows: "Some noise from the nearby train station can be heard inside the home, particularly during the day." We were not bothered by trains in a "nearby station", which presumably few would care about; the house was right next to the above-ground rail line. When we complained to OneFineStay that their disclosure was dishonest, they said that they thought it was adequate, and that it would be up to guests to inquire just how bad the noise was. This dishonest bunch should be ashamed of themselves,and should be avoided like the plague.

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