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One World Trade Center

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 285 Fulton Street Suite 8500
Phone 888-272-8734

One World Trade Center Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2015

This is a complaint about a scam that disguises as a “marketing company” called Auroin. At the beginning someone from Auroin contacted me and said that they have this big SEO expert Annada Padhy who can boost my online business ranking. The agent said that they will give me the first month for free but after they got all my personal and business information, all sorts of complaints about my business started to show up on Google! Auroin said that they could delete all those complaints from the internet if I’d make a long-term deal with them but I knew they were responsible for it so I refused. Then they started to attack me personally on several review sites and even made up documents and email conversations with them in which I was the one who allegedly threatens them! I didn’t know what to do because I have a family to provide for so I eventually paid them nearly $6,500! I know that these criminals will come back for more one day and I don’t know what will I do! Please beware of this “marketing agency” Auroin because it is just an elaborate fraud, and I sure hope someone will put these animals behind bars.

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