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One Step Realty, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Grand Rapids
Address 6095 28th Street SE
Phone 1-800-611-3766

One Step Realty, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2015

This company represented themselves as a property management company. I found them on line after several internet searches. I spoke with Marc who assured me that his company has been in business for many years at least 20 and they are very versed in property management. I had a house there in Detroit with a tenant already occupied and needed them to take on the responsibility of managing the property and obtaining the rent. I signed an agreement with them in April of 2015. They claimed to have made contact with the tenant and provided her with all the information of sending the rent to them. 2 or 3 months go by and I received NOTHING. I asked them what I would need to do to begin the eviction process from property. They claim that they would handle it. Needless to say I havent heard any thing from these guys and they havent provided me with any RENT (if any was collected). I had to hire an attorney and just received the judgement last month to get this tenant out of my house. These guys wouldnt respond to emails, phone calls or any thing. How can you do business like this? If they would have been a on point company i wouldnt have incurred 4800$ worth of leagal fees and past rent. Please stay far away from these irresponsible crooks. They talk a good game but they produce nothing.

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