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One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Myrtle Beach
Address 677 Robert M Grissom Pkwy
Phone 843-492-7990

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Reviews

  • Aug 24, 2015

One Hour Air - Lakeland tech came to my house; cost me $197.00 for them to come out because it was after hours then another $350 for the attempt to fix the air conditioning buy changing the capacitor. All together cost me $550.00. The guy left after 15min. Still the same problem. So nothing was fixed for the $ 550.00

I called again. Another guy came the next day, looked at the air conditioning and found a bunch of problems which the first guy did not find. The capacitor was not the problem. He then offered me to refund the $550.00 if I bought a new air conditioning system, which would cost me about $9000. At that point I had it and called another company. They put in the same type of system which One Hour Air offered me for $9000.00 for $3400.00. Buy the way, when the old system was removed I told the technicians to give me the new capacitor which One Hour Air put in 2 days before for $ 550.(Takes about 2 minutes to hook it up) I looked up the price for this capacitor. You can order it online for $16.60. So I paid $550 for 15 min of work and a 16 Dollar capacitor, which did not solve the problem.

After the whole story I filed a complaint and talked to the Manager. He said he was not ashamed of his pricing. It is the same thing when you buy a hotdog at a football game for $7.00 knowing you can buy a whole package for $5.00 at the grocery store. What a bulls*. Ok, what can I say he thinks this kind of pricing is correct, but in this case the pricing should not even be my concern, because the problem was not fixed and I paid $550.00 for nothing, so I wanted my money back. He said I could have my money refunded. I would just have to order a new system for a bargain price of $9000.00. Isn't that generous. Anyway he offered me a $100.00 refund. I never received it. Now you should take a look at their ‚ÄěCode of Ethics" What a Joke!!!

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