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Country United States
State Tennessee
City Spring Hill
Phone 1 (323) 657-6287

Olutomi ADENEYE Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2021

I placed a furniture set on Facebook Marketplace for $850. The scammer sent me a cashiers check for $2,550 and then asked me to send the difference to their “movers” and I refused so they had me zelle the difference ($1,700) back. Two days later they said their husband didn’t want the furniture any more and to send $500 back and keep $350 for my trouble.

I thought the check went through because my bank cleared it (USAA); However, the check was fake and therefore, USAA deducted the full $2,550 from my checking account. I’ve been communicating with this person over text and when I said the check was fake they actually ended up sending me a second fake check.

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