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Old Republic Home Protection

Country United States
State California
City San Ramon
Address P.O. Box 5017
Phone (800) 445-6999

Old Republic Home Protection Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2022

ORHP authorized out of network repairs for 2 policies I have with them. I paid the contractors and submitted the paid invoices totally over $1100 to them.

That started in June 2022. I’ve emailed at least 5 times, called and emailed management. I have yet to receive my reimbursement!-

  • Jan 30, 2019

I have paid $975 for Platinum Service from Old Republice for 5 years now. The ice maker broke on my built in Thermador Refrigerator/Freezer in November way before Thanksgiving. This is Jan. 31st. First they send out someone to replace the ice maker. Next day - no ice. Then someone comes out and replaces a water valve - next day no ice.

Then they send a different company out who determines that it is the main control board to the refrigerator/freezer that is burned out - not the ice maker itself. The control board is no longer made. They offer me $300. This unit was in the house when I purchased it and it appears that a replacement is in the neighborhood of $10,000. So $300 will go a long way in getting me a new refrigerator/freezer - NOT! So then they offer to send the control board away somewhere to have it remanufactured which can take a minimum of 2 weeks.

BUT they fail to advise you that during this time, you are completely without a refrigerator/freezer!! And no compensation or anything offered in the interim. This is a total rip off. This is the Control Board to the entrie Refrigerator/Freezer that is out. I have been without ice November - 3 months - and still they want me to be without a refrigerator / freezer now for at least another 2 weeks for them to mess around and hope that in fact this remanufactured control panel would work. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

  • Jul 19, 2017

I paid for a home warranty policy with Old Republic Home Protection Company per my realtor on the purchase of a home built in 1986 with the addition of a pool and spa rider since the property had a pool. Not a single problem I experienced was covered with the Ultimate Protection plan with the additional Pool / Spa rider. I will outline the issues below. Each time I called, I gave adequate information to the dispatch center for them to be able to determine if the problem was covered or not. The most common scenario is for the contractor to be dispatched to my home, they collect the $100 deductible, and then when the approval is sought for repairs, they are denied. Here are my experiences:

Pool plumbing issue - when I turned on the pump for the first time, my water level went down 6 inches in four hours. In this instance, I was told that underground leaks were not covered. As a home buyer who had a home inspection performed, anything above ground would have been detected by the home inspector - I wasted my money on the pool/spa rider.

Laundry hookups (both hot and cold) were leaking when the valves were turned off but no hoses connected. Old Republic dispatched a plumber who had to cut a hole in the drywall to view the connection method of the valves. On seeking approval for the repair, we were told that hose bibs (I only knew them as fawcets) are not covered by the plan. Additionally, the hole in the drywall was my issue and not covered by the plan. I had to pay the $100 trade call fee for a non-covered item, and also owned a new 6" square hole in my wall. When I complained, Old Republic refunded my $100 trade fee to help offset the wall repair since the call center should have known that a laundry fawcet is a hose bib, and should not have dispatched a plumber.

We had a contractor working on tile in our master shower who discovered that water had damaged the walls. Contractor reported that the most likely cause was a leaky shower valve in the wall. Dispatched a plumber at $100 trade fee who found that the valve was not leaking, but rather water damage was through the grout lines. Extent of damages to home included the need to replacel all tiles, drywall, studs, shower pan, support beams and subflooring in area, and remediate mold. None of these issues were visible to the home inspector, and repair of any damages was denied by Old Republic.

We had a roof leak, and the limitation to a roof leak repair is $100 (which happens to equal the trade fee that would be collected), so we basically had no coverage for this issue.

Our heat pump failed resulting in the loss of air conditioning. Old Republic dispatched a HVAC technician. Before the service technician arrived, I asked Old Republic if they could send a technician out from the company who had installed the system originally 18 months prior, since the parts warranty was still in effect. They said no. The service tech collected the $100 trade fee but the repair was denied because the heat pump was still under a parts warranty. They also told me that the uncovered labor and materials were not covered by the plan sine the unit was still under the manufacturer's parts warranty.

I complained because I had told them that the system was still under a parts warranty, and if the repair was not going to be covered, they should not have dispatched a contractor. The most amazing part of this scenario is that the dispatched service tech reported that the control module needed to be replaced. He also told me that the unit was significantly undersized for my home and wanted to sell me a whole new system for $5,995 and could have it installed that afternoon. I decided to pay the contractor who had installed the system a service call to look at the system, and they found that the control panel was not bad, and that my system had leaked the refrigerant from a control valve. Old Republic's contractor was attempting fraudulent activity with both of us.

Considering my personal experiences with Old Republic Home Protection Company, I would say that the $625 I paid was a total waste of money. I would further state that most people purchasing one of their policies never see the verbiage of the coverage until after the fact. The policy is not written in simple terms, and in my opinion excludes very common, yet expensive issues from coverage. I would not recommend a policy from this company to a friend or enemy.

  • Jun 23, 2017

Since March we have had 10 service calls for our AC on our home owner warranty policy. After the third fix, they contractor deemed our AC not fixable, and the company said they would replace it. Two days later we got a call from Old Republic, and they informed us that they would try to fix it after all. Well, I write this after today's 10th service call since March 15 2010 and today's contractor arrived one day and a half late, then when my husband went in the house to use the phone, he drove away without fixing anything. Now we are sitting on hold with the company again trying to get it fixed. They tell us how sorry they are we are having this trouble and someone will be coming out to fix it right away. (These "right aways" translate to several days each time.) (Service call number 8 resulted in a fire in the unit and put smoke in our house when our daughter was home alone.) Service call 9 the repair lasted 16 hours. We live in Florida and our daily temperatures have been in the high nineties with no AC for the better part of two weeks. All of our things and our house are in jeopardy of mold setting in soon if we don't get some resolution. At this point, it will be a miracle if it's ever fixed by this rip-off company.

  • Jan 9, 2016

Don't waste your money. The home sellers purchased this home warranty for us as part of the closing deal. We had the home inspected and all was working. We moved in and began using the dishwasher. We ran it empty the first time and all seemed well. It completed its cycle. We began using it and noticed the it was not completely cleaning or drying the dishes. After a few washed the dishwasher began shutting down mid cycle and gave error messages.

I contacted Old republic Home Protection and they assigned a service provider to repair the unit. The technician was supposed to get with me within 1 business days, After 4 days and many calls to both the technician finally showed up. He examined the unit and determined that it needed a few parts. I paid him $75.00 for the service call. The next day I received a call from Old Republic station they would not pay to repair the dishwasher. The reason they gave was that the unit was not working when we moved in. I tried to reason with them, but, I could not reason with them.

Bottom line DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME OR MONEY. It seems to be a scam.

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