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Country United States
State Texas
City DeSoto
Address 2109 N Hampton Rd
Phone 1 972-709-0005

Ojeda's Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2019

By far the worst tex mex restaurant I’ve ever encountered. The waiters body language said it all. Basically he didn’t want to be bothered! In fact we asked for more assistance because he didn’t seem to be up to the job. So okay, we noted the server sucks for tonight. Food was ehhhh! Well it was food! So the funny thing is the guys brings the checks and adds his own gratuity!

No recommendation! It’s basically saying your paying this. So I ask the lady a register about this, and told her I’m only paying for meal, because service was less than ok. She says anytime it’s a certain number of people that’s how we do it. Well I’m sure everyone that works there knows that but I didn’t. She then goes and explains this to the manager.

The manager brings us a menu and shows us in very fine print at the bottom of the menu that 20% gratuity is added to every meal. I said who do you think is looking for that. It’s like she’s using this as a disclaimer to get 20% regardless of service and also trying to make it mandatory. It’s really sneaky and I let her know it. So she gets loud I guess because there’s a security guard there.

When she get loud and unprofessional I just stopped talking to her. Listen I always leave a tip but you can’t just make up rules and try to enforce them as law. When I complained about the service she said the server was nice, and I said I’m the customer, I should know how I was treated. So I paid and left no tip. While waiting for my mom and other family members I standing at the front and the security guard. What you going to do arrest me for not tipping.

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