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Oak & Hearth

Country United States
State California
City Rancho Santa Margarita
Address 22431 Antonio Parkway, B160844
Phone (702) 420-7553

Oak & Hearth Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2022

This is a followup to a previous complaint that had been closed by the BBB because the company lied and said they would give me a refund in 10 business days, and sent a screenshot of the email they sent me saying it would be refunded in 10 business days. 10 business days have passed and no refund nor any message about my return.

So I called and was told that I was not getting a refund "because the product was opened and damaged". There's no way it could have been damaged because I never used it. I opened the product to try and put on my trimmer because the item description said it would fit a Ryobi trimmer. It did not. But I find it very shady that they lied to me AND the BBB by saying I would get a refund within 10 business days, but when I called, I am told "oh you're not getting it back because it was returned opened and damaged." When they received the original complaint, they had already received the product and knew it arrived opened (I dispute it being damaged), so they lied. Now they are refusing the refund.

My original complaint is copied below.

I ordered a product from them, order #20143659, that their website claimed fit Ryobi weed trimmers. It did not fit my trimmer, nor did it contain any of the promised adapters that one can use to fit their specific trimmer. I contacted the company and got an RMA number, which was VZQ99HNS. I had to pay $22 for UPS to ship the item back to them.

According to tracking, 1zx2f8720342418474, it was received on June 6, 2022 and was signed for by Karina. So far I've received no refund. First I emailed them, with no response, and today I tried to call them twice. Both times, the automated voice said that all customer service representatives were too busy and I had to send an email or leave a voice mail.

I did leave a voice mail but because I got no response to my email, I'm not confident that they will return my call either. Convenient that they don't answer their phone.

  • Jan 13, 2022

I ordered a metal brush head for my weed eater and at checkout there's an option for "PRIORITY PROCESSING" which I checked.

Unknown to me what this meant is a $12.74 charge MONTHLY for "membership" in the organization which would give you a certain percentage off of select items and priority shipping on any further orders.

They did not specify the monthly charge or if they did if was hidden WAY DOWN in the small print. It has taken me 5 months to get them to stop taking money from my credit card and I finally had to go to the bank and cancel my card. The Better Business Bureau has given them an "F" rating and all the complaints are the same as mine, continual charges without knowingly giving consent, then having a difficult time getting it cancelled or a refund.

I hope someone else may learn from my costly mistake as I called for a refund and they might as well of laughed in my face!

  • Oct 6, 2021

In October 2020 I purchased an item & was signed up for a monthly $12.84 recurring fee without my knowledge. I just went to their website and simulated a purchase and no where is it obvious I'm signing up for the Oak+ membership upon purchase. Only if you actually click on the tiny 'terms and conditions' and read down to section 5 do they say you're signing up for this. This is their legal loop hole to complaints saying people knew and agreed to this.

If you aren't clearly and obviously advertising your membership and the fact you're auto-signing people up, then it's sneaky business. I also never received a membership email - spam or otherwise. I don't delete any emails, so it's not there. Nor did I receive emails extolling their membership's benefits and 'please come use it and buy from us' emails which tells me they didn't want to alert me to the fee bc i would have canceled it. I got exactly 3 emails regarding tracking of purchased item. They've taken $153 from me. BEWARE!!!!

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