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NTI, Inc.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Westwood
Address 410 University Ave. DPT #11045
Phone (877) 248-8912

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  • Aug 3, 2022

Twelve months ago I had signed up for [email protected] I had heard about them through this work at home vlogger on Youtube. I had signed up for them. I had did the video interview, phone interviews, game tests that they had required me to do, filled out employment information about myself; etc.

In addition to this I was also scheduled to do an interview with a psychologist for the disability review for Social Security Administration. I did not do it. I was applying to jobs every month. I would also get my hopes up about that I am going to get trained for a job, but the training had never happened.

A few different times since last year I would get letters in the postal mail from Social Security Administration stating that my disability had been turned off. When a call was made to Social Security Administration, I was told to ignore that letter.

Also, a few times every since last year [email protected] had told me that since my disability benefits had been turned off my Ticket2Work has been cancelled. I had received that letter from [email protected] for the final time in January 2022. I knew through [email protected] is the only place that I have tried to use Ticket2Work. I had called [email protected] to ask about that.

That customer service representative had said that she sees that I am still a candidate. She had asked me do I still get my disability benefits. I had told her that I am still getting payments from them (which I was). She had told me to call Social Security Administration to talk to them about it.

She said that I am still eligible to participate in their program. Social Security Administration had kept giving me my disability payments from like March 2011 to April 2022. In April 2022 they had discontinued my disability. An appeal was filed against them for me to keep getting it.

I had called [email protected] about it. She had placed me on a special program of [email protected] so that I can keep applying to jobs and can get trained and work a company through them. She had told me when my benefits has been fully reinstated to call to let her know. I had finally did the interview with the psychologist via webcam last week.

Every since last year Social Security Administration was stating that all they want me to do is that interview, that I am only going to be asked a few questions, and then my payments will continue. I still have not heard from Social Security Administration about my disability status.

In June 2022 I was approved to starting training with job in August. That lady had told me when I purchase me another laptop and call my internet service provider to increase my internet speed to call back to let her know. I had purchased another Windows 10 laptop and had increased my internet speed.

I had called the lady back. For over a week she had never returned my phone call. When she had finally called me back, I had let her know that I have another laptop computer and had increased my internet's speed, upload speed, and download speed.

She then had told me the position has been filled. Anyways, I had called [email protected] yesterday to confront them about all of this information and how I have been getting the run around from them since last year. She had claimed that the 1st job that I had applied to I never did the video assessment.

She had claimed that the 2nd job that I had applied to I did not meet the speed requirements. She had claimed that the job that I had applied to this month of August that I do not have the 1 year in-bound call experience. I had told her if a person is disabled (especially if they have mental illnesses) then they most likely are not going to have any type of experience.

She had said that it is the company's requirements, and that is nothing that they can do about it. I had told that the company that I had applied to in June and was supposed to start training for in August stated that they are more interested in drive and personality than they are experience. She said that is just for that company and to always check the company's requirements.

If it is their job to help disabled people to get jobs, they could only choose company's for their company to hire people based on drive and personality than they are experience. I have a a high school equivalency diploma (GED) and higher education online from accredited schools including a college degree.

For one month in the year of 2013 and then consistently since the year of 2015 I have been trying to get remote jobs. Since the year of 2014 I have been trying to get remote work experience. I have done baby sitting jobs since I was a preteen (dirt, cheap pay). I have been done volunteer jobs ($0) & freelance gigs ($5-$50 but mostly $5-$15) online for the past 8 1/2 years.

I had done one independent contractor job online that had lasted me for a month but paid me twice in the year of 2015. I had paid for a professional written resume in the year of 2016. In the year of 2017 I had paid for both a professionally written resume and a professionally written cover letter. A year later that company had even given me a free phone consultation that had usually costs $99.

They had given me a phone consultation for free since I had no luck on getting a job and was not even getting interviews and was not hearing back from employers. I had applied the advice to the job applications that the person on the phone consultation had given me. The information that he had given me was generic information that could have been found for free online.

It is like this you have to have experience to get the job, but you have to get a job to get experience. If no one is hiring me to get a job, then I am not going to get experience to qualify for jobs. I thought that [email protected] was going to be how I was finally go to get hired, get trained, start working, getting paid, build up me new skills, get new work experience, and get real references.

I have been wrong about them so far. [email protected] requires people to have a high school diploma or a GED. Some of the companies through them also requires people to have an associate's degree and or 3-5 years experience. If a person has that education and work experience, then they could apply for a job directly on their own and get a job directly on their own without having to go through [email protected] It is a Catch22.

A local mental health place in my town have helped people to get part time, physical jobs (that is not [email protected]). A buddy of mines had worked at McDonald's for 5 years. She was hired to clean up, but she used to also work at the cash register some times. That was good of her. However, there are people with far worse conditions than hers or mines.

I do not understand why [email protected], Ticket2Work, Social Security Administration, and other associations/foundations/charities cannot create jobs simple enough for certain people to do such as pick up paper (& get paid at least part time income from it and maybe even full time income from it).

That will help to give everybody a fair chance at life and to come up and to make it; especially while living in poverty. Last year or the year before I had seen that Walmart was getting rid of this job that was going to put this disabled man out of a job.

He had been working for years or forever without being on social security (not through [email protected]). It was a simple job that he did by standing outside of Walmart (not through [email protected]). Thousands of petitions was signed. Walmart had kept the job so that that guy can keep working.

That was lucky for the guy, but it is still unlucky for the others across this country including other Walmart locations (the person that had created that petition had stated that). A family members of mines had stated that [email protected] is going to get paid even just for me trying to get a job through them.

Also, my family member had stated that they are not there to help people to get a job. They are being nosey in your life to find out where all you had been working at and to keep up with your employment information, which helps Social Security Administration find out information about you and to try to cut off your benefits.

When I had did the interview with the psychologist, I had to tell her my employment information and educational information too. After I had done the interview with the psychologist, I had looked it up that that is Social Security Administration's requirements for you to show that you are trying to find employment to keep getting benefits.

My family member stated that Social Security Administration is going to feel that if these people can work part time then they do not need S.S.I. or S.S.D.I. I am only able to work remotely. I can work in office based job physically (particularly part time). I can do jobs that is independent in nature in physical places and physical, brick & mortar places (where I work alone by myself).

Jobs that is independent in nature in rare in today's time; especially that pays full time or part time income and is physical. I have applied to jobs (office based) at local hospitals in area, a nonprofit in my town, and a daycare center in my town. No one had hired me or even at least given me a phone interview.

I live in a very small town. I am not starting to believe that these remote jobs (even outside of [email protected]) never had any intention on hiring most people anyway. That just be a way for them to get all of your personal information.

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