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Country United States
State California
City Mountain View
Address 350 Ellis Street
Phone 650-527-8000
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  • Sep 16, 2022

I bought the Norton 360 Antivirus software from Best Buy and when I went to go activate it Norton requires that I subscribe for an auto-renewal before I can obtain the product I purchased. I do not want this automatic renewal but they do not allow you to opt out of this and the only reason for this would be so that Norton can illegally collect PCI information as PCI is only supposed to be on an as needed basis and in this case they do not need it.

This seemingly innocuous situation is actually quite illegal when one steps back to analyze the situation what if to buy something at a store you had to supply them with your SSN would you do that? Most likely not because they do not need that information in order to allow you to purchase the products and you probably will not find a store that requires that unless there is a legal (as needed) reason for it.

Again this is not only highly unethical but down right illegal and yet Norton has no issue with doing this. As you can guess we bought someone else product rather than supply Norton with our Personal Credit Information.

  • Feb 6, 2022

On January 5th 2022 I got subscribed to Norton 360. I always make sure I’m with the real company before I do any transaction online. On January 21st 2022 I cancelled the service. Before I started this subscription I never have receive any email from Norton. Even more, I barely received some spam email.

Just a day after the cancellation I started to receive email from a fake Norton trying to do a scam. They have all the personal information a provided to the real Norton. A few days later someone tried to use my credit card, the same credit card I used for the Norton subscription.

I made a complaint with Norton, but they did not do anything about it. Norton is a company that you pay for security, but instead they are using people personal information to break the law.

  • Oct 17, 2021

Their customer service told me to drop Norton and LifeLock and they refuse to refund my money. I was only with them for two months

  • Jun 25, 2021

Scammer additional contact info:

Phone: 800-419-0820 and 877-328-6947 and 866-217-8445

Email: [email protected]

On June 21 the scammer told me upon my phone call to them that Norton AntiVirus was being installed automatically as a renewal on my son's PC at a cost of $399.99. They said that they could transfer $400 to my bank account to compensate for the invoice coming. I went to my bank account website and waited for the payment transfer while sharing my screen with them. When I saw the total transferred it was $20,000 in my checking account and we agreed an error was made. They said the only way to correct this overage was for me to purchase and send them store gift cards with the information on backside.

On June 21 I went to different stores and provided them the card info. My wife noticed that the $20,000 was a transfer from our savings account to the checking account, and that they did not send any money to us. I confronted them on by phone on June 22 and they continued to complain that I only sent them $19,000 and it should have been $19,600. The episode broke down when I demanded a real electronic transfer of funds from their bank to mine.

  • Jun 21, 2021



ORDER ID: GV4267554234253

Dear Customer,

This is an Automated renewal notice for your Annual maintenance charges for USD $369.99

We would thank you on the completion of the 12 months maintenance plan.

                                                                                                                            Since your plan expired on 24/06/2021

We have auto renewed your plan and charged USD $369.99 against your account as we all are facing the

Pandemic issues.

We tried to contact you but failed as the customers and technicians are not able to provide support  earlier.




SUB TOTAL: $369.99

TOTAL: $369.99


If you wish to cancel your order or want refund, call to the billing team for cancellation, up gradat ion or

                                                                                                            refund issues. Helpline number: +1 443 406 8345

Copyright © 2021 365 Inc. All rights reserved. NORTON LifeLock , theNORTON LifeLock Logo, the

Checkmark Logo, NORTON, Life Lock, and the Lock Man Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of

NORTON Life Lock Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

  • May 22, 2018

I have had nothing but touble getting any type of support and or help from norton when i call or use there online chat support

all i get is scripted non answers

no help

refusal to answer any question

( but oh no dont let you get away not answering them)

and incompetence and arrogance on there part

they will find any excuse to hang up and or disconnect on you

nothing is ever there fault

they dont seem to know anything beyond there script

rather sad when your basically talking to yourself trying to get help with a issue

supervsors are no better and do the same

( one supervisor sat for 40 minutes in silence before hanging up on me)

any complaint gets ignored and must be you the customers fault

to make this brief i am now told that " i'm no longer able to get any support" and to " stop all contact with them"


i paid for a product/service and they treat us the users this way??

because i ( and others) expect help or an answer to a question?

  • Oct 23, 2017

Money was withdrawn from my account without telling me and they refuse to put it back until monday which me have to do without much needed medication and caused a zero balance in my account. They said I ordered this a year ago.

  • Oct 13, 2016

This company billed my credit card to renew my subscirption without my permission. After contacting them to request a reversal of the charges, I was given a professionally devised run-around and could not get the charges reversed How ironic that an Internet security company whose sole business purpose is supposedly to protect me from bad elements on the Internet is running their own scam. My only option now is to contact the credit card company and have the charges blocked. Stay away from this company! I will never do business with Norton Symantec again.

  • Sep 10, 2016

I recently noticed during tax preparation that there were an unusual number of automatic renewal charges on my Ameican Express business account from Norton. Upon further research I learned that a firm with 15 computers is paying for a total of 22 Norton Anti Virus licenses using automated renewal. An additional licnese for 5 machines and another for 3 machines are on top of that. Obviously, Norton was collecting for software that was not being used by anyone.

The bottom line is that when using automatic renewal with Norton, you cannot trust the seller to provide license billing support. Norton renews automatically whether the license is in use or not. Its not that they can't tell that the licnese is in use. They obviously have the ability to screen out such duplicate charges. They choose not to do so until the customer figures out what is going on. Then refunds are limited to 60 days. They make quite a profit if you don't catch them for a year or two with 10 ghost licenses at $50 each or more. I have seen it argued that a customer is at fault when they don't audit their own computer programs. This is probably true. Being too trusing is naive. My firm dropped Norton.

  • Jan 23, 2016

Fortunately I am on top of my accounts. Just had an unauthorized charge for $96 and change from Norton. This is a flat out scam. After notifiying my bank, and filng a claim, I decided to call the number linked on the fraugulent charges, Speaking to an obviously foreign woman I proceded to tell her that these charges on my account are fraudgulent and I sugest they reverse them immidiately, as my bank has been notifyed. She proceeded to ask me what the AP number was on the charge. I tell her this number then she proceeds to ask me my email address. When asked why she needed it she said it was attached to the order and she needed it in order to find the order and do something about it. At this point I told her as I laughed "Like hell I'm giving you my email address! So you can violate my person further?"I then told her this is a fraudulent charge for the fact that I buy my Nortons at Wal-Mart, and have for years now. So it is impossible for any recurring charges period. I then told her that it was okay I would let my bank handle it, and I am pursuing legal charges and hung up. My bank assures me that the charges will be reversed and money returned by next week at latest. Hopefully that will be the case.

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