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Noordin Lalani, Craig Andrew Hedmann

Country United States
State Florida
City Doral
Address 11200 NW 25 ST
Phone (305) 513-0300

Noordin Lalani, Craig Andrew Hedmann Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2017

Noordin Lalani & Andrew Craig Hedmann owe me over $275k in commissions, cost of furniture & fixtures and phone inventory, from 2006 when I was their sub-dealer at Cingular Wireless (now AT&T Wireless) which they took posession of by cunningly 'taking over' with the promise to pay the dues in 30days. We agreed to the release in good faith, but now its 11 years and one lawsuit later, they have still not paid me my dues. Not a single oenny has been paid yet.

As a bit of background: In 2006, My then partner & I, signed up with them on a SubAgent Contract, where we lease, own & operate Cingular Stores by licensing their Agent Agreement with Cingular Wireless as a sub-dealer. Within a year, grew to 5 very profitable stores, one of the most profitable in the North Florida Region, and thats when they got greedy, cunning and manipulative. Once the found an oppurtunity by making false allegations, they created a rift between my partner, Cingular Wireless and I and by virtue of the 'contract' just decided to split the ownership of two of the stores by 'take over'.

Three months later, incidentally, TCT fired him (my ex partner then) and took over those stores, too.

After that TCT became more aggressive and sent us a notice that they will be taking over our stores by end of business, March 31, 2006 as per 'terms of the contract' While this was not a priviledge allowed on the contract, to my best judgement we decided to solkit with them due to the poor taste of how they were doing their business. At that time, they also promised and confirmed multiple times (via email, texts and in person) the amounts owed to us which included commissions for the last month, cost of the furniture and fixtures and value of the inventory they took at time of taking the two stores, along with credits recieved back from reconciliations, a total of about $275,000 will be paid to us next month. In good faith we handed over the possession, (see pictures) and also walked out to build our business direct with AT&T. After 30 days were up, they refused to pay saying that they have 6 months from date of seperation to pay us. Again this was not how it was worded in the contract but we believed them that they will pay. They emailed us payout summaries where they admitted owing us over $112k in commissions, in writing. They refused to acknolwedge the payment for furniture & fixtures, inventory and reconciliations. At this time, I am owed $275k + interest for 11 years. The lied to me when they promised they will pay, they cheated me when they denied the values for f&f , inevntory and reconciliations and they have lied on their depositions when asked where is the proof of the chargebacks or commissions they paid.

After deliberating for a few years, a few legal notices demaning the payment, I finally had to file a lawsuit in 2011 to claim the monies they owed me. Since then they (Noordin Lalani, Andrew Hedmann and their attorney Craig Dearr) have been manipulating the legal system to extend dates, avoid paying up and filling frivolous motions and appearances to drain my financial resources so I cant afford my attorney. I am the small guy, which TCT is using to their advantage and their money power to drain me financially so that they can delay/avoid the prospect of a settlement/judgement.

They have managers who havent been paid and filed online complaints against them, they have a culture of cheating customers to sign uop on features that they wont need, with hopes that they will forget to remove and that will pay TCT directly 4 times the value of these features. Because of these unethical prcatoces many employees have quit and some were fired when they decided to speak up, The manager who they hired to run our stores quit in 6 month, the partner who they took away from me they fired him in 3 months, their general manager left them in after a few months, Andrew's partner - Noordin also left him a few years after that, almost everyone who held a denior position at Accessory express has left the prganization within a year of what happened with us. Now he runs the company with his daughter and has a handful of stores left to make money from.

About the money owed to us:

1.The contract allowed to take over the stores after paying the subagent for the cost of furnishing and fixing the store. This was to a tune of $79,065.48 which has NOT been paid even after 11 years. The invoices and summaries are attached here

2.The contract required master agent to pay the commissions collected behalf of the sub agent, which have been a total of $112,000+ which haven't been paid for over 11years. The payment report was generated and sent by TCT which is attached here:

3.Andrew Hedmann and Noordin lalani owe us over $30,000 for phone inventory, and over $50,000 in commissions recieved back from reconciliations and chargebacks that hasn't been paid over 11 years as well.

4.They have lied under oath and stated that all the records they have have been lost due to a server crash which they have no proof of, no payment made, no contact of repair company and no employee to vouch for.

5.Attached are how the stores looked before and after.

The livelihood of 3 families was devastated in the whole process and we have been awaiting justice for last 11 years. I had to spend all my savings to pay the attorney for the retainer & costs but the opposing counsel Craig Dearr has been using all dirty tricks in the book to burn our resources and delay any action moving forward.

These are facts people should know that still happen and exist in the current society. If you are a small person and if you dont have cash you cannot expect fair play and justice in time. The guys with money are able to manipulate the system crushing the hopes and aspirations of people like me who dared to stand up to them and ask for my share. Because of the impact of the move and subsequent losses in the business. Everyday I am struggling to make ends meet and to provide to my family when Noordin Lalani and Andrew Hedmann are using my hard earned income to finance their lavish vacations and lifestyle

I have been fighting them in the court for last 6 years and now I have now brought this matter to the attention of the public and all of those who have done any business with Noordin Lalani and Andrew Hedman or their companies - TCT, The Cellular Touch, Accessory Express, NATIONONE FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC, COLLEGE SHOWCASES AMERICA INC, ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE INC, LALANI ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. or any of their companies.

I ask for them to do the right thing, stand up and pay what they owe, and sleep in night with peace of mind. How are you raising children with money stolen from helpless and innocent people and what do you think will your kids do when they find this about you. You must have heard about Karma, justice may be delayed but it is always served.

If anyone needs to reach me to get more information, contribute or fact check this report, please contact me at or [email protected]

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