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Nobility Homes, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Ocala
Address 3741 SW 7th St
Phone 1 352-732-5157

Nobility Homes, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2019

My husband and I bought a home from prestige home centers of Ocala in October of 2015 and our home wasn't delivered until July of 2016. We were just able to move in four months ago and it's been an absolute nightmare. We wanted a 4 bed 2 bath for $40,999 and ended up getting a 5 bed 3 bath home for $78,999 and the whole time during our purchase process we were given nothing but the run-around and problem after problem.

We were practically forced to buy this home because they said that there was a mix up with the papers and this other model is what was in the paper, the accused my husband and I of putting the wrong information on the paper. When we tried to explain that we said we wanted the Kingswood and not the Bob model, they wanted to argue and said I put it on the paper.

I know as fact I wrote Kingswood. I got a creep vibe from Henry Edward, Mr. Edward handled our paperwork. My husband and I just went along and purchased the home despite not getting the home we wanted because our lease had been up and we had 3 girls. We were told that our home would be built ASAP and we'd be able to move in within a month or two.

One month came and went, two, months came and went so finally I called them and they said that our home hadn't even started bring built. I was furious. After a week, they told us that our home was being built. More weeks went by and they weren't returning calls,emails or voicemails. Keep in mind, we already completed all of the paperwork and we paid cash for the home.

We went prestige a few weeks later only to find out, our home wasn't being constructed at all, they lied. When I confronted them about the lies, they said it was our fault and told me that I was impatient and the reason why they can't get any work done was because my husband and I kept calling. I had to call multiple times to make sure that they were on the ball because my lease was already up at that point and we were staying in a crammed motel room.

We had already spent more than half of our finances buying the home. We already had to spend more than we had anticipated, the home was over our budget. I tried to see something positive in this because maybe if we paid more, the home would be better and last a lifetime and potentially be the home that we give to our children when they grow up. Little did I know things would only get worse.

I backed off of them to let them work since they blamed my husband and I for not being able to accomplish work. We had entered a new year months had past and finally when we threatened to sue them, they told me our home was being built! It was a relief after so much stress. We were asked to come back to prestige in January of 2016 for additional paperwork signing, my husband was working so I came with my girls.

I go into Henry's office and the whole time he was either giving me a dirty look or staring at my kids. He barley spoke, when it was time to go, he muddered something under his breath that sounded like "c**t bi*ch." I'm 100% sure that's what he said. Anyway, July 2016 roles around and our home was delivered. When we moved in, two toilets in bathroom 1 and 2 do NOT flush and the sinks backup. Every bathtub in the house leaks and the floors in every bedroom creek.

Our home had damaged windows with cracking in glass and none of the Windows open, electrical outlets do not work, trim moldings not attached and are falling off, interior doors not closing and open by themselves, kitchen cabinets fell off stove doesn't work. There was no carpet on the master bedroom floor, just plywood and a huge hole under the bathroom sink, we had snakes come in because the hole went unnoticed until we went to stock it with toilet paper.

Underneath the sinks leak even without use. The people they send out to make repairs actually handed me a tube of caulk and told me to caulk the sinks myself and were very rude. I walked in on one of their supposed repairman pleasuring himself using my daughter's teddybear in my daughter's bedroom and he had the nerve to tell me to run away from him. This is my house not his and he told me to go f*ck myself after he walked out, HE IS A PERVERTED IDIOT.

I had only went back there to ask him about fixing the plumbing. He's lucky my husband wasn't home. The man was supposed to be fixing a leak in the sealing. After they left, the problems only got worse as they just threw paint on everything. My 5-Year-old found a bag of a white powdery substance shoved in her dollhouse. A week later, I started noticing that the sealing was cracking everywhere and one side of the house is detaching from the other.

I also started getting strange texts messages from someone in February 2017 claiming that he can see and hear everything we're doing. I pretended to pick my nose and text him back asking what am I doing. Sure enough, he told me. Just a week later, my oldest daughter who's now eight told me that someone was talking to her in her bedroom. I went back there and heard nothing.

One night on March 26 2017, I had got out of bed to go turn the AC on because for some reason the house is always hot. I walked passed my daughter's bedroom and heard what sounded like a computer voice telling my daughter to wake up. Keep in mind, there are no electronics in my daughter's bedroom. When I walked in the voice stopped and my daughter was still fast asleep.

The next morning, I heard yelling in my daughter's bedroom telling her to strip and put on a show for him, I walked in and the voice said "wife go f*ck yourself and get out. This is between your daughter and me." The voice sounds like it was coming from the vent. The texts also started to pick up and become more violent and threatening.

We had a dog named Oscar who we let out into our fenced in yard to go potty and I stepped away for one moment as the phone was ringing. The call turned out to be from this guy who's voice I heard through the vent. I went back outside to let Oscar in and he was gone. I started panicking because my daughters love that dog and I didn't want them to come home and him not be there.

Oscar was a friendly and well behaved dog, he never leaves the yard for anything. My first thought was that he had help as in someone stole him. I drove around but had no luck, my daughters were heartbroken. The very next day, I got a text from from the same number of this guy but there was a picture of my dog.

He told me that if I didn't have sex with him, he'd kill the dog. I told him no and the following day, I woke up to the screaming of my four year old Maddie because she woke up and Oscar's dead body was in the bed with her. My daughter and I were traumatized as was my husband who was furious. We called the cops and they practically did nothing and called us nutjobs because I told them about the voices heard coming from my daughter's bedroom.

All three of our kids sleep with us in our bedroom. The front door was wide open that morning and the kicker is we locked up the night before. A week later our indoor cat snickers went missing, two days later, my daughters and I were taking the trash out as it was garbage day and we saw our cats dead body hanging from the tree by it's intestines. That afternoon, this guy texted me and my husband videos of him killing both our car and dog.

They also sent a video of the guy pleasuring himself while watching a video of my eight year old taking a shower. I was disgusted and that evening before I was able to back everything up, my messages disappeared from my husband's phone as well as my own. One side of our home is lopsided and the floors are sinking in and we are getting videos of my kids and I in the bathroom and he's hacked our t.v. And showed a video of him pleasuring himself while my family were all in the room watching AFV.

The t.v. had gone black and the video popped up with no warning and he texts me what everyone is doing or has done in the house. Our car was also vandalized with scratches in the paint, inappropriate pictures of male genitalia spraypainted on the car, the engine won't start and our headlights were busted out. We finally had enough and plan to move this year, we spent so much hard earned money on the property and our home won't last another year.

We now have a stalker, came here with three happy girls and now they are all sad and scared, came here with happy and healthy pet children and now have none, had the run around to begin with and are living in hell on earth. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, STAY AWAY. So much money wasted, innocent pet lives lost, company refused to make repairs, car totaled and a stalker came out of it. It's not worth it anymore.

I plan to take legal action, this isn't right and what did we to to deserve this?

  • Dec 9, 2018

Sold my home to down size. I bought a mobile home in February to be Ready by Oct. I live in Maine and spoke to them several times to make sure it would be completed by Oct. I am a 73 year old widow and wanted to get away from the cold and snow. I flew down in July to see how things was going and no one was working, When I came in Oct, It looked the same as it did in July. They gave me a guest home to live in, but after 2 weeks, still no work done. They locked me out so I came to my mobile home because I had no where to go being from Maine. We exchange words back and forth also called the police to make me leave.

I then went to a Lawyer,Still no result, They won't talk to me and when I tried all they would say " when are you moving out" I have cried many times and thinking I am going crazy the way they are treating me. I feel like I am having a nervous break down. No one will talk to me at Nobility Mobility because I hire a Lawyer which I can not afford but force me to do. My Lawyer has tried to settle with them but they have refuse.I have pictures to back my complant and one of the sale person from Nobilit said things in my mobility home was not acceptable but did not try to fix things,I have no running water in the kitchen. One small sink running in the bathroom. I do dishes in it. I wash my face etc. Live wires hanging, cabinets missing,molding missing and broken,closets unfinish,fan,microwave not install,holes in the wall not finish,wrong color on the home.My Island very poor finish,I ask for sheet rock in all rooms,bath rooms has cheap paneling and very bad caulking,wrong doors in the showers.etc. Please try to help me before I go craze,I can not do anything to my home until things are settle. thank you for your time.

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