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Nobility Homes

Country United States
State Florida
City Ocala
Address 3741 SW 7th St
Phone (352) 732-5157

Nobility Homes Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2017

Complet RIPP Offs, how is it possible for an orginzation to show such little regard for the welfare of a customer. It has to be ORGANIZED because everyone we spoke to could care less. Beyond rude and dismissive, not taking the concern seriously. My husband and I purchased a home from a mobile home park who purchased it from Mobility Homes. It has a bumper to bumper warranty "so we were told".

The first day the toilet started leaking, the third day, the kitchen sink started to leak, by the end of the week, the Roof started to leak. We haven't even been in our home for an entire month (NEWLY BUILT, first owners) and it's been nothing but a nightmare. All the trim is coming apart through out the entire house. Window in bathroom not properly installed, you can see the outside is lifted off the wall and not properly caullked, due to that there is now water damage in walls. The bath tub in both bathrooms were not properly caulked. The floors are shifting, floor trim is coming loose, bthe inside doors keep opening even after properly latched, the ridge line on roof is beyond crooked, shingles are lifting, walls thru out the house are bubbling and warping, the siding outside is coming apart, lifting, and bowing.

The house looks like it wants to implode on itself......

I had to have someone come out to fix the bathroom leak along with the kitshen sink, but when I called about the roof (full warranty for a year), I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to have someone come out.

UNACCEPTABLE, water damage can lead to mold. They don't seem to care about my families health whatsoever. It has now been 4 weeks, and have been trying to call, and have been emailing regularly. I have received one call in 4 weeks, and that person said, "this is the first I have heard of this, you need to put in a service request and it will take between 6-8 weeks". I have put in two service request in addition to the regular phone call, I have copies of all of this including the email exchanges that have been happening for weeks, yet this is the "first time" they heard of this.

I looked up corporate number and left a message for both the President and Vice President.....Still awaiting a call from them. No one is taking this serious, not even owner of company.....Why would they, they already have their money. You would think that reaching out to the owner/President of the company, they would at least give a courtesy call to let you know they were investigating the claims/allegarions, and when they would know more they would reach out again. THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED.

I'm worried about continuing to live in this home due to the conditions, it doesn't seem safe and I have children I need to think about. COMPLETELY SURPRISED that the home even passed inspection (inspector must have been paid off) Just with the ridge line being so crooked it shouldn't have passed.

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