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No Limits Unlimited

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Phone 970 596 8568

No Limits Unlimited Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2022

Matt jacobs contacted my mother on Facebook about one of her townhouses to rent. He started to rent the townhouse and told my mom he can build a house on one of our properties. He said he needed 100,000 for subcontractors and wood.

My mom gave him the 100,000 he said he paid subcontractors, bought the wood and wood was being stored at mill. He never showed any proof of this but him being a con artist and telling my mom she's like family to him she didn't think twice to take him up on the offer of renovating a house on one of our other properties.

What was suppose to be a $25,000 job, slowly turned into needing over $200,000 worth of work. He had a homeless meth addict employee living at this property that was suppose to be getting renovated. This employee did as Matt said and gutted the entire house. Once that was done (which took this guy over 2 months to do because Matt was at the townhouse all day doing absolutely nothing) the work completely stopped after that.

Mind you This price he gave of over $200,000 to do the work because he said there was black mold, aspestis in the house it needed new insulation and walls it did not include renovated bathrooms, new floors, new windows. He showed no proof of the house showing aspestis he never called any professionals to remove black mold. And He tried to get my mom to over pay for a job.

After months go by of me saying he's a con artist my mom finally realizes I was right. These people went from "family" to demons. They called the cops on us multiple times for calling them and texting them trying to get Matt to go do the work he was paid to do. He obviously never did.

Him and his wife Robyn (whom the buisness is in HER name) They could not show any proof of subcontractors for the house they were supposed to build. He quickly got a lawyer and never told his own lawyer about the house he was supposed to build. Ha. A few weeks after my mom caught on and he got a lawyer he fled Colorado and moved back to Illinois.

We found another family in Colorado he basically did the same thing to us to them. Conned them out of only 70,000 though. This is a short summary of a long story. Yes there was contracts signed but that's not going to save you much.

It's still a pending court case that will take years to resolve and the only hope we have is suing his insurance company since Matt at nearly 40 years old doesn't even own a house or have a bank account. And by the looks of it never will for obvious reasons. He cashed every check my mom gave him and locked it in a safe. Please beware of these people.

They are truly evil to knowingly take every penny my mother had. With no guilt or shame. They are liars, he lied about some sick stuff (ie) strokes and heart attacks just to get my mom off his a*s when I made her question him. A few weeks before she gave him a $50,000 check I told her to get proof of subcontractors

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