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Nicole Ferris Photography

Country United States
State Idaho
City Pocatello
Address 1128 North Main Street
Phone 208-380-6816

Nicole Ferris Photography Reviews

  • Feb 26, 2018

Old Town Legacy Studio was a partnership between Nicole Ferris and the late Stormy Anderson. Prior to Stormy passing away, she and Nicole parted ways and had agreed that neither would use the name Old Town Legacy Studio as it represented both of their work. Although Nicole has changed her name on her website, a Google search for Nicole Ferris still brings up Old Town Legacy Studio website which redirects to Nicole's page and the sign over her studio says Old Town Legacy Studio. Do not think you will be getting the same quality or experience just because she refuses to stop using the name. Old Town Legacy Studio became the brand it was because Stormy styled, shot, and edited for Old Town Legacy Studio. Nicole Ferris photography is not the same as Old Town Legacy Studio

  • Feb 22, 2018

If you want someone who claims work from another photographer, has stolen from someone who trusted her, and tries to slander someone to get ahead in photography this is your girl! She deserves no success for doing what she has done to Stormy Anderson. DO NOT GO TO NICOLE FERRIS PHOTOGRAPHY!

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