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Nick's Building Supply

Country United States
State Indiana
City Crown Point
Address 11100 Broadway
Phone 219-663-2279

Nick's Building Supply Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2018

I have been a custom homebuilder if high end quality homes since 1989. I am also an active Realtor since 1986. I have purchased and referred more doors than I can count from Nicks building supply. They are pushy with their salesmanship and I’ve even had two salespeople within thier company battle over who would get the sale of a Door. Thier deliveries are always delayed but though all this they provide a great selection of doors at great prices. So why am I writing this? I recently purchased a door for one of the million dollar plus homes I built for a client.

The door installed fine aside from a damaged piece of exterior trim ( save this for later ) . The door was protected all through the building process and when we delivered the house my window cleaners noticed that all the seals were broke on the glass panels, every single one. I tried to get the trim and Door replaced and after months of emails and countless phone calls, they only offered to send replacement parts. The time and expertise needed to do this would be ridiculous, even with my experience, in addition the door is factory finished stain and will now way look the same. I asked for a replacement door to save time and have the door look correct.

I would have thought with the amount of business I’ve given them over the years combined with the poor quality of this Door they would have offered to replace the door. Not only is the time and lack of response been a nightmare but needless to say my homeowner is disappointed as well. I won’t be using them again and would suggest looking elsewhere with perhaps a Door manufacturer that stands behind their product. There are tons out there just google them. Lastly, I never checked Nicks out on the net, but there are plenty of mixed reviews. Also, that piece of damaged trim I spoke of , it’s been coming out since I first reported it 5-6 months ago....still not here.

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