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report scam

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 714-594-5043
Website Reviews

  • Mar 27, 2017

Do Not Ever Use this companies services! They are a Rip Off... I originally spoke with John and he pond me off to Matt. Matt seemed to be very helpful, however based on phone conversations and emails he may be new to this type of assistance of a legal CPN. Matt even offered to pay for a report that was no use to me but the offer was appreciated! It took these two almost a month to get me the number, and after requesting a refund for not providing accurate service I was refused a refund in a very nasty tone. Not to mention the number is not a good either and they will not assist with helping me any more to get this number to be of good use.

Needless to say I am out of $650 dollars and not to mention the additional fees of $100. Please do not use this company!!!! I should've went with my gut and left my money in my account.

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