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NewSouth Window Solutions

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 4901 Oak Fair Blvd
Phone 813-626-600

NewSouth Window Solutions Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2023

Paid 50K for all my windows and doors. The materials seem to be good. Installation is EXTREMELY subpar (I have pics to prove it). They sent the same person over and over, to solve the issues they themselves created. Failed inspection due to wrong installation procedure, non compliance with county code, doors with handles scratched, installed non-square, not closing properly, parts missing (i.e: plugs to cover screws). Broken seams, stucco used improperly (Came off at first pressure cleaning) Crew showed up at least 4 times, not counting scheduled inspection. Last time I had to threaten with a lawsuit to have them come and fix inspection failing issues. I do not recommend at all

  • Aug 26, 2021

New South Windows Solutions has very poor customer service and defective products. I purchased 6 impact windows and a front door with sidelights. The windows failed the county inspection for various reasons and it took many months to get a response from the company. All six windows that were initially installed were defective. Finally after many months of ignored phone calls I was able to get them to come out and replace the windows. When the service tech arrived and installed the new one's, it was noted that those too were defective (bowed on tip and sides). After more weeks of trying to get resolution they finally ordered new windows. Hopefully these won't be defective too.

The front door was also installed with side lights. The door was improperly installed and leaked under the threshold. After many attempts at trying to get them to fix it I had to resort to filing a complaint with the state licensing board who came out and saw all the issues personaly. New South continues to delay and make excuses before finally comming out to service the door. It was removed and resealed and now looks terrible from all the handling and the door is loose on it's frame to the point you can see daylight when the door is closed.

This company has poor quality products that are defective right out of the factory. Their own rep told me they have quality control problems. Not only is the product of poor quality but the service is terrible if you can even get them to come out and honor the contract. The warranty looks good on paper but they do not honor it. I reccomend looking for somehwhere else and save yourself a lot of headach. This is a dishonest company that does not care about it's clients or the quality of the product they sell.

  • Jun 27, 2021

I had my windows installed in 3 years ago. They advertise a lifetime warranty that covers both the product and the installation. In November 2020 I discovered that 2 windows were leaking into the wall. The leaks originated at the sill of the window where the fastioners penetrated the window into the wall. When New South representatives inspected the area damage he claimed the windows where not the cause. This required that I hire a "mystery" leak detection company to determine the source of the leak.

This professional identified that the leak was due to improper installation of the window. Due to moisture penetration, mold formed within the walls and required complete mold remediation. During this process my emails and phone calls to NS representatives requesting repair and compensation went unanswered. NS sent representatives on several occasions to caulk the windows at the fasteners within the sill.

During those visits I also verbally told the crews I was expecting compensation for my costs of the property damage. There was never any follow up from NS. It required a letter from my attorney requesting a warranty claim to initiate NS to contact me. NS stance is that it's my fault for not "contacting" them to do the wall and remediation work, although I have email and phone records showing otherwise. They are refusing to reimburse me for the total costs for the associated damages caused from the leaks. The remediation and property repairs exceeded $10,000.

The representative has never apologized and shows no willingness to fairly compensate me for the repair costs. They refuse to take responsibility and even after I reduced my request to $8,200 they still refuse to compensate me for the damages. The public needs to be aware that although this company uses "Lifetime Warranty" to sell consumers on their products, it's totally worthless and the consumer has no recourse.

  • Apr 21, 2021

We ordered new windows and doors for our home in July 2020. Due to 'COVID' issues production was delayed (understandable) and installation took place December 30th, 2020. At that time 2 windows, a garage screen and a sliding glass door screen were not on the original order (even after a second New South employee came to measure again and make sure the order was correct) and needed to be placed on a 'rush' order. We were told it would be a couple of weeks for the windows & screens to come in.

The 2 weeks turned into 2 1/2 months (March 16, 2021) before the rest of the installation took place.

Upon installation of the missing windows it was discovered the wrong size screen for the sliding door was placed on the truck for delivery. We were again told it would take a couple of weeks for the order to be delivered.

It is now April 20, 2021 and after numerous phone calls to Zach, the production manager we are still without a screen for our slider. The latest information today was, "I am hoping it is on the truck delivery we will get tomorrow." A production manager that apparently has no clue what is going to be delivered or when & doesn't follow through with promises to find out delivery information & call by April 19th. We have heard the same excuses of "I will try to do better" & a 2 week timeframe for delivery now since December 2020. We just want to have this completely paid for job since December 2020 finished & completed.

  • Sep 20, 2017

A very expensive company. Please shop around. A quote of 30,000 for nothing. 2 other companies came in at 5,000 and 7.000.

They take forever to make the product. You will go through 5 hurricanes before you receive. Make sure they fit.

These offices are quick to take money, without backing.

  • Apr 22, 2016

Let me tell you how newsouth window provided defective product, misused a notrary, and provided sub-par product and customer service, bit still got a court ruling to foreclose on my house! Spoiler: it's sneaky)

I'm a disabled/retired vet, so it meant a lot that i can have my own home! i really wanted energy efficient windows and doors, so i signed newsouth window to provide me with 2 french doors and 14 windows in early 2012. I used their recommended loan program.

After some issues with their salesman, i thought garrett jones had taken care of all wrong doings and they delivered the product to my home in may. Upon arrival, the doors which i ordered (3/4 french doors with a cat door) where actually 1/2 french doors with a people sized dog door. They insisted it was the correct door and after a few "debates" over a few days they agreed to return the door. However, they did not measure a couple of my windows correctly and would have to come back to install those at a later day. I have pictures of the door if anyone wants to see them)

Fastforward 2 weeks later: all windows installed, but now i have damage to my drywall and stucco. They try to bill me via loan, but it's been canclled Unknown to me): i never even got any confirmation for the loan anyways. For some reason they decide i cancelled it on purpose to get free windows and garrett joes says a few choice words to me and threaten to take my house as payment.

It was crazy to me. I've got a good credit score, i've never been in trouble with the law, i'm a nice person. Heck, i've only had one traffic ticket in my life! why would he automatically assume that i'm trying to cheat him? It was very hurtful. My integrity is very important to me.

I looked through my loan paperwork and found a notice of commencement which is signed by a notary. However, i never signed anything with a notary for newsouth windows. I even have her sworn affidavit that she never has met me and signs documents without meeting people all the time. None of the print on this document is my handwriting. I called the police, the bbb, and the attorney general to look into this. The signature is similar to mine, so no one will say that it's forged for sure, but i do know 100% that i never signed this document in the presence of a notary. And apparently this document has something to do with the ability for them to put a lien on my house! but nothing was done to correct this document by anyone even though i was trying so hard to get it right.

A week and half after they install the windows, they put a lien on my house, but i don't even know it because i'm never notified. I found it months later when i looked on my record when they threaten to take my house again.

Over the course of the last 2 years, garrett jones, dan oschtein, and/or earl rahn have threatened me, had people come to my home and trespass onto my property, insult me, attempt to bully me, and they refused every offer i made to pay them for the products at a reduced price. They said they will never take "a penny less" that the full sum regardless of anything that they have provided or done. I have proof of their behavior on voicemail and email so i can prove it too!

They filed with the courts to take my home in late 2012, but i filed a countersuit and they disappeared for a year. But then... A year later, they file for a court date without telling me or my lawyer, go to court and win because we were not there. They won almost double the value of the windows and got the right to foreclose on my house if i didn't pay. When were we notified of the judgement? Days before the foreclosure. And this is apparently legal!!

I had to pay them 12,278.19 for about 6,500 worth of actual product to keep my home. I still have a defective window, a couple other windows are problematic, i was never repaid for the damage to my home, and i stil have an improperly signed document. I have been screwed and i am not going to shut up about it!

I want everyone to know what can happen when you do business with newsouth window!

If you want to see pictures and read more detail go to my website: ((Link redacted)))

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