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New USA Funding

Country United States
State Alabama

New USA Funding Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2016

A Blatent Scam,clear as thesky above. Charging a "Fee" to get info on gov. grants. Telling people thereare mmillions of unclaimed monies just waiting for you to apply. They compare it to winning ther lottery. The Internet has become a very Sad , Sad, place when It is used to prey on the pooreast of tye poor within our society. Shut them down. The watch-dogs,if there are any is very lacking in protecting our most vunerable citizen to begin with. When I see these web-sites I just feel so sad, truly sad. Have you ever walked down the street at 11PM on a -10 degree night in Northern Maine? there are people living under bridges. Did youknow that theshelters at least in this area 'do not allow children??? Unbelievable but true. Somethingshould be done,many of these people are veterans who have physical, medical, and somertimesmentalHealth dx/ thru no fault of their own. Shame on all the predators that want $39.95 to access some forms that most people would not even know how to begin to fillout. God Bless the Homeless. The Meek Shall Inherit theEarth.

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