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New Look Thermo Windows Corporation

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Hackensack
Address 270 State St
Phone 201-368-7961

New Look Thermo Windows Corporation Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2015

Misrepresentation of, and failure to honor Product Guarantee

On May 30, 2006, I purchased 14 double-pane casement windows from Edward Gajda of New Look Thermo Window Corp. One of the most important reasons that I used this company was a 20-year GUARANTEE against leakage of the windows. ALL THE WINDOWS HAVE DRAFTS. The installers put the. In and left big holes around them, absolutely no insulation.

Five years later, three of the windows began leaking. Last year, Edward came to my house and told me that they don't make these windows anymore because there was a "known issue" with them. He had me call the manufacturer directly as he promised me they would fix them because Ed could not.

I called Eugene at 800-631-3400. Eugene said their was no "known issue" but they did discontinue the windows. I believe he was lying. He said they would replace the glass for free, but would charge me $125 per window for each of the three windows. I asked how he could charge labor when the windows are guaranteed. That is unethical. He then told me he would send me the glass (I can't fix the windows) or he could send the glass to Ed who could most definitely fix the windows. I called Ed back, who now became quite apathetic and indifferent toward me. He said he would not fix the windows. He also said that this is not a GUARANTEE, it is a warrantee. That is either a flat out lie, or Ed misrepresented himself at the time of sale to guarantee him getting my $4,500.

Now, I have no recourse because neither Ed nor Eugene will honor the agreement. I think its ludicrous that a customer would be responsible for fixing a GUARANTEED product. That is not a guarantee. MeanwhileI have three ugly, hazy, moldy, leaking windows on my house.

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