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New American Funding

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  • Sep 16, 2023

Noah Ortiz was not licensed in the state of Missouri at the time these documents were produced.

Noah Ortiz produced a FHA loan in Sabrina Koehler’s name, September 29, 2020.

Ava Fulton produced a loan in Arthur Jennewein’s name,November 29, 2020.

Both for the amount of 151,954.00 total of 3 FHA loans as shown from New American Funding website.

Brittany Aguelles' email November 3, 2020 stated the Note was damaged when in fact the note was never signed or agreed.

March 2022 new American Funding sent the Missouri attorney general’s office a document stating that it was a Note we signed.

March 2023 New American Funding sent Midland Mortgage a Note with different signatures as shown in the documentation.

As shown in the documents provided

I have sent new American funding documents showing clear evidence.

June 2021 email questioning Noah Ortiz about the situation,

Noah Ortiz stated Sabrina Koehler was added later, the reason being not married.

Sabrina Koehler was added later, how is the loan dated 2 months apart with Arthur’s loan November 2020 and Sabrina Koehler September 2020?

July 2020 is the date they have on the addendum only in Arthur Jenneweins name

Stating he was married, he worked at John smith, documents are robotic signatures.

He did not work at John Smith at the time. He was not married. Stating the no cash out refinance was due to a bona fide financial crisis.

I have attached a September 2020 statement showing we were ahead 2 payments until November 2020.

No payments were ever missed, we were never in any financial crisis nor did we ever state we were in any situation of financial distress.

As shown in the document provided

In fact we both were not working at the time both receiving unemployment due to Covid 19.

New American funding received forbearance money Covid cares act filing form 4023F with the irs 2020 tax documents.

I believe the information from November 2019 was used

As you can see the dates 9-29-2020 Sabrina Koehler loan and Arthur Jennewein loan 11-29-2020.

Arthur’s Jennewein name was removed from the original loan dated November 2019.

I have sent proof of new American funding using unsafe methods including naf technology open source software and projects to hack into my ip address.

I have more information and documents I am more than happy to provide, I am not the only person they have done this to the federal government has been made aware

New American Funding has been fined by the federal authorities and have been charged in court for the same reason as I have provided evidence of this is ongoing.

Underwriting as many FHA loans as possible for issuance payments including modification of documentation and information other than provided or not provided to new American Funding.

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