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Neothink Twelve Visions Party

Country United States
State Oregon
City Monmouth
Address 17899 Ne Oregon St Apt 228
Phone 503-465-7301

Neothink Twelve Visions Party Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2019

Just a big scam

Worthless garbage, don't buy the "Neothink manuscripts," don't listen to a word "Mark Hamilton" or anyone who follows him says. They are nothing but scammers in too many ways to list.

They have many complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), mostly for false advertising. They claim to help make people rich, but they never even mention the basics of financial literacy in any way, shape or form. So ridiculous, and yet the founders have made millions on this crap.

Stay away.

  • Mar 14, 2018

The Twelve Visions Party in 2012 did wrong to many people and it got it self in some Legal stuff

it was a bad deal Now they have a New Name the Twelve visions Movment and it is not any better

Let me say something here they have back door meetings and members are not even told any thing so there is stuff that are not told to members back in 2017 the Sunday Night Call known as Twelve visions Party Call only had 60 to 70 people on it and it was not even stop Mr Mark Hamliton had to step in and say something about it

so talk about Leadership in Neothink very Poor calling shots out Let alone Tuesday Night Rise of Neo Tech is very Poor Mentoring

So Over all they are Not Upfront and not much Honesty and by the way they teach on Honesty but it is not put froth when info is being told behind those doors that members are not alond to even know

There is Lot's of Held Back Info from Members

I would not buy into the Twelve Visions Party Movement Rip off and it will Rip you off as well

Neothink Twelve Visions Party Mark Hamilton did Right by Stopping the Walk and putting a hold on the Twelve Visions Party it self in that it should of been done sooner but Mark Hamilton should of said get thousands not Hundreds Now there is already a pre set Number in Place and that is a shame to see the T.V.P Needs Lot's of Help No Trust and info is just not being put out there like the untold story's of those meetings behind those doors and behind the Calls them self's The Rise of Neo Tech the Mentoring on Tuesday Night is very Poor but the book it self is great The Sunday Call the so called Twelve Visions Movement Call is very poor as well Let alone the Chair of the Party itself very Bad Pick for a person in my view he is a Con Artist that is all i will say for now Twelve Visions Party in 2018

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