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Neosoft Technologies

Country India
State Maharashtra
City Mumbai
Phone 91 22 40500600

Neosoft Technologies Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2018

I am Jason. I am a certified php programmer and also Microsoft certified. I was brought in on this product in the middle to attempt to salvage the project. I was hired to project manage, NOT to program.

I was asked to assess the current situation by going over every skype conversation, email message, and project code to decide what the problem is and come up with a solution. The problem here is, no question, NeoSoft.

It is unfortunate that the previous program manager did not see the 2.8 rating on this companies facebook page, and the comments that followed. should not allow this type of company to do business on their platform.

I have never read nor seen such incompetence in the programming world in all my 32 years.

This project was scheduled to launch phase I on Feb 5

Phase I was finally launched in mid April with excessive issues, errors, and problem.

This company continued to invoice and bill for hours over and over again for the same functionality.

Unfortunately, the previous program manager did not know any better, and allowed this company to take advantage of them over and over again.

This company has overbilled Intimate Tickles by 100's of hours and STILL have not delivered code that is anywhere near dependable.

Intimate Tickles has been avoiding leaving feedback for this company for the past few months in order to keep a working relationship.

It is difficult to leave a bad review, and then expect better service, so they left no review at all.

As an example, feel free to read our redacted copy of hour skype communications with NeoSoft.

Here are some bullet points for you to consider.

* This company will force you to pre-pay, even though Guru recommends that you pay AFTER receiving your product.

* This company will overbill you. For example, it would take any seasoned programmer 4-8 hours to push changes live from github to production. This company billed 24 (3 days).

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