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Neal H Paster Law Office

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 14911 Bellaire Blvd
Phone 1 713-527-9459

Neal H Paster Law Office Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2020

Neal H Paster is good for case settlements ONLY! not to protect your interest or fight for you, he will blame you if you lose the case, he will drag the case to the longest and instead of fighting or coming up with unique arguements he will prefer settle the case and convince you doing as well, he does not like to do his home work and ignore your given facts and at the end for all the (not hard work) put in will bill you a hefty attorney fee.

after losing multiple cases in which either I should have won or should have paid no settlements, it seemed as though he worked for the other party not the defendent.

I would not recommend him as defense attorney, if you have a family law suits or business lawsuits, might as well give everything to your spouse or plaintiff because after losing you will end up giving away everything anyway on top of it will be left with attorney fees which he will charge you.


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