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NCRC, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Vista
Address 1280 Liberty Way # D
Phone 760-599-1208

NCRC, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2018

You know, I previously read negative employment reviews on this company before I went to work for them and I decided to make my own judgement and determination on whether this is a great company to work for. After going in there with an open mind and willing to learn I say HELL NO.. NO ONE SHOULD APPLY TO or WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! This company only offers you $11.50 an hour for work that should be at LEAST $16.50 so right there they are robbing you blind. NO BENEFITS! No room for advancement.. The company pretty much has mapped out who is going to go up in their position.. Who is going to stay in their position and not move on and who is going to get hired and fired in a blink of an eye! Yep .... You guessed it it was YOURS TRULY!! After only 2 days of poor lousy non related work protocol training was nonexistent. I have been a team lead and even a supervisor and would not of dreamed of treating my employee(s) the way this company did.

It's a shame that this company is in business and big corporate companies give them their business. Their lack of loyalty to honest, hardworking and want to succeed individuals is atrocious and you are set up to fail immediately. I even went so hard as to come from San Diego and make the trek all the way to Vista for the lousy "peanut check" they paid today! P-E-A-N-U-T-S I say. Forget the BBQ .. Forget the employee recognition.. Forget the fact you are there because you want to learn and be successful at this company.. I can tell you now .. forget about it because it isn’t going to happen. This company is lame and I wouldn't wish anyone to work for this company and their slave wages. Lousy job, Lousy people, Lousy Company.... I only hope that one day someone has the balls to buy them out and shut their doors for good or that their bread and butter accounts wise up and cut all ties. You stink NCRC !! You will never have high quality, loyal and talented employees. Boy, did I make a mistake even considering to attempt to work for you. You're a lousy company and I would not recommend you to anyone, except maybe Donald Trump (the traitor) or Hillary Clinton (the liar) Because LIARS are all you are. THUMBS W-A-Y D-O-W-N!! d

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