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Country United States
State California
City Campbell
Address 900 E.Hamilton, Suite 100
Phone 1-(760)-338-2633

NCPL Inc Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2016

NCPL Inc was paid $450 from LIFO-PRO, Inc. (my employer) through in advance to add a design function to our website that would allow users to see the top header of our webpage (called freeze pane in microsoft excel; fixed position in html). I stated as part of the specifications of our website design that the "freelancer" was to keep the rest of the website "exactly the same" while adding in this new design functionality.

NCPL deceived me into thinking that they'd be able to handle this project. They proceeded to lie to me and state that there was only one small change that they couldn't make after I had spent three hours populating a list of bugs that were present in the website design that they were in the process of testing. But then the email that delivered us the horrible product contradicted itself by naming all the bugs that couldn't be fixed.

I will never use guru.

com again, and will never use NCPL again. They provided me a $150 refund; I didn't want a partial refund. I wanted a website designed per my specifications, and I didn't want to waste 8-10 hours of my life going through the process of dealing with the company, only to be delivered a horrible end result.

I recommend steering clear of for anything. They claim that they will "refund your money" and that your money is safe until you receive your services/products. This is not the case. The money that is set aside for the "freelancers" are taken out of your account right away, and I had no ability to receive a full refund. This is nothing short of fraud, as I had to bend over backwards to get my credit card set up to allow cash transactions to occur, as this is how processes their credit card transactions.

I reached out to the staff for help; their only advice was to email the company and ask them for my money back;'s Zac from's support teams response to my request for help was as follows:

you will need to reach out to the freelancer directly regarding a refund for the amount that has already been paid to them, since we are no longer in control of those funds. I would recommend writing them a message on the site requesting this, and if they do not respond we can certainly try to reach them. We are not able to guarantee a refund in this situation. Our site is set up so that you pay invoices for work received, and those funds are released by your approval.

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