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NCPA Insurance Services

Country United States
State California
City Carlsbad
Address 592 Carlsbad Village Dr
Phone 760-720-9588

NCPA Insurance Services Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2017

When I purchased my new vehicle from a dealership, it was mandatory to get car insurance immediately in order to drive off the lot. The dealership provided me with an insurance broker, NCPA whose representative Charlotte, told me the best rate I could get was $510.71 for the first month.

This included a deposit and the first month's payment. She told me that all insurance carriers would require this "deposit" and this was the best rate I could get. I asked her that if I could cancel the policy if I was able to find a cheaper one on my own and if I could get a refund. She stated that I could get a prorated amount for whatever dates I didn't use.

As soon as I got home I was able to find a cheaper policy so I emailed her immediately to cancel my policy and called the next morning to finish my refund. At this time, I also asked for a copy of my paperwork at this time which she had withheld the day before. At this time, I noticed she added a non-refundable $300 brokerage fee for which I never consented to.

This was never a part of the contract that I originally signed and now I am only being refunded $200 for insurance I had for 2 hours. In addition to that, I was never told about a brokerage fee, I was told that this high cost was needed from the car insurance company. This was clearly not true.

This company not only frauded me out of several hundred dollars, but also was completely dishonest about the entire process beforehand. I am very sickened by the fact that they took documents with my signature and then added terms to them that I did not consent to that then authorized them to keep most of my money.

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