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Country United States
State Florida
City Miami Beach
Phone (866) 376-4184

Nautica Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

We did a short-tem lease to check out the building before deciding if we wanted to purchase an apartment. I was shocked to learn how thin the walls are. We hear our neighbors above us and next door to us all the time. The AC is broken most of the time and the buidling is un-kept. It is very dirty. The AC is also broken in the gym for long time, and there are plumbing problems so it smells really bad.

Then we learn that short-term leases are not allowed at this building but they did it anyway. So we are happy to have the experience so not to buy at Nautica. The views are nice from the building and that is all that is good.

The hallyways are dirty and they say they will remodel. But when I talked to neighbors there, they way that for years, the HOA is saying they will remodel.

That is how they lure in buyers, to make them believe the remodel will raise the value of the property.

Don't buy and don't rent there... Glad we have moved out! I feel these real-estate companies should post honest images! Worst place we ever lived in Miami!

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