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Natures Garcinia

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 405 S Dale mabry Hwy # 319
Phone 800-453-2650

Natures Garcinia Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2018

I ordered Nature's Garcina. There appears to be no way to order a single bottle. It's subscription only; and then it seems to be impossible to cancel.

I gave the product a several month trial. The only result was a raised resting heart rate and an inability to go to sleep at night. I have now called four times to cancel. It takes minimum of 15 minutes to put in your report as to why you want the product cancelled. Today I was told that my request for cancellation would be "submitted for consideration." In fairness, the operator may not have fully understoond what I was saying.

I have no doubt the product will not be cancelled. I called my bank and asked why this charge was still being honored. Apparently, a bank can change billing information automatically if your charge is a recurring monthly charge.

Thank you for letting me express my concern.

  • Mar 28, 2018

I do not believe I ordered anything. I was on a get it free site where you go through page after page of questionaires to see what you "qualify for and what they can get you to buy.

I checked my bank sdtatements and could not find anything related to these boxes of pills so my intention was just to send them back. Never thought they could have my credit card number. That's just plain scary.

I do not check my credit card statements I just pay the balance due in full before the due date. Then when these bottles kept coming I had to look further and that's when I finally checked the credit card statements. They got me for the "free trial" period and then 4 months at $80 & $84.

I will call and cancel today but from what I've been reading I'm not sure that's going to be possible without a fight.

I will be following this with another scam I also found while checking my statements,

  • Mar 12, 2018

I ordered and then changed my mind and tried to cancel they told me i have to call the 16th day to cancel over phone and only on the 16th day because on 17th i would be charged 84.50. They then told me i have to send product back and when they receive it they will cancel. I asked for the representatives name and he would only give me his first name of justin. He said we don't give our last names.

I asked for the ceo of the company's name and i was told "we don't give out any information on the owner or ceo. What kind of company hides what is public information? This company is shady and unwilling to make public who they are, which shows very bad business ethics. I see there are numerous reports of ripoff and i hope people will heed the warning.

Yscam before trusting this company which i regret. I am sending the product back with return receipt due to the many reports of charges continuing. This will serve as a documented statement that i'm mailing today 3/13/18 to tampa from within florida. This should take no more than 3-4 days, plenty of time to cancel my account.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I called them about one week ago, and they said if I wanted to cancel, I was supposed to cancel on day 17 of the trial.

I am now being charged $80 on Natures Green Coffee Detox and $84 for Natures Garcinia cambogia. I looked up their webpage,

and they have an unbelievable 6 pages of fine print! They will charge $19 for returning a package, even if it has not been opened. I told them I don't want the product anymore, and yet they have put these two charges, $80 and $84 which they said I will have to pay because I did not cancel during the trial period.

I heard them advertised on a Christian radio station, and I thought they were reputable. I really cannot afford to pay this. Furthermore, I have never ever seen any health products sold anywhere with 6 pages of fine print about the return policy!

This company needs to be shut down immediately!

  • Nov 8, 2017

As with other on these complaints people who were being Charged. I also seen there add for $4.95 for a free sample. But did not see for olny 14 days, before they kept sending and billing my cretid card. I sent Coffee Detox and the Garcinia back for a refund, with a note and said not to send me anymore but I did. My refund was about 2/3s of what I payed, not a happy camper.

  • Jan 25, 2017

I ordered a sample of the product for $5. I received that and then read reviews that said it's a scam and isn't a supplement that actually works or benefits you in any way. I looked up the cancellation policy, sent an email to cancel my order. For the next 3 months, I was charged $80 monthly for product that I wasn't even using. I finally did a reverse shipping address lookup and called them. They stated that the email address I used from their website wasn't the correct one. It was from their website! I told them to cancel my account and I forwarded the 2nd email I sent on the 4th month and copied the link from their website with that email address on it and asked for a refund of the last month's supply.

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