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Nationwide Security Solutions, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City Vancouver
Address 6407 NE 117th Ave Ste B
Phone 800-908-8992

Nationwide Security Solutions, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 13, 2018

This company came to my home i was away at work and they installed their security system not checking if the people that signed for it really lived in my home or just visiting. after they installed it someone signed my name and now they have been tryiing to bill me for this when i did not agree to their contract because i was away at work. i have called multiple times to try and get this resolved but they laugh and lie about not kowing who the owner is and hang up on me. this had went on for months and they said they would be getting back to me and never did no letters just bills no calls from the owners and now im done i want them to realized they screwed up and allowed someone to sign my name i cant say if they were really even scheduled to install their security crap. no one know. how are these people getting away with this.

  • Sep 18, 2017

So, in july 2017, my wife left a better job in order to come work for this company Which was closer to home), so jason and mairin cane of course hired her and other employees for their call center. After about a month of working their, one day when i was dropping my wife off at work, jason cane was outside and had me park so that he could offer me a job. So upon getting out and speaking with him, he disclosed to me about his unhappiness with some of his account managers.

The conversation turned into jason cane offering me employment considering i gave the impression of driving a nice car, being ex-military, and being the clean-shaven type; which is common up here in wa, but is highly desired by employers for sales positions, which turned out to be what he wanted me to do if hired. At the time, i did need work, but considering i'm a disabled combat veteran with spinal injuries, i respectfully informed him, but he just kept persisting me to come work for him.

My wife had told me that his technicians get paid crappy piecework and are actually expected to use their own vehicles and auto-insurance.

Over time, he kept urging me to work for him as if he was trying to sell me into the job himself. But the more i heard and read on the internet about him and his business, the more i avoided him despite already telling him about my physical limitations and that i would be a liability if hired into manual labor. As a result of this, suddenly on august 25th 2017, they pulled all of their employees Including my wife) into a room and had a mass lay-off which a poor supposed excuse claiming "that they didn't have the contracts to support their work anymore."

When i picked my wife up from being let go, she was devastated by this. So check this out, before leaving, all the co-workers exchanged numbers with one another to keep in touch. That very night, jason cane's wife mairin decided to send out an email to everyone else but my wife indicating to return back to work on monday for a new work schedule being mon-fri from 9 to 5. How do we know this? Because one of the coworkers who kept in touch with my wife sent us proof of the email. Thus, jason and mairin cane discriminated my wife and fired her just because i refused to work for his crooked a*s. They used the "mass lay off" as a ploy to fire her, then called everyone but her back to work.

After reading everything about his business on outscam and google reviews, we now know it to be the truth. Evidently jason and mairin cane do this to a certain amount of employees around the summer time every year. They also connivingly intimidate and theaten customers through their contracts too. And of course, they protect themselves with their in-house attorney, but, these people will come offering you the world, exerting high values such as "family oriented, professional, and caring" -but it's all a lie and just for show in order for them to use you and then screw you over.

  • Aug 1, 2015

A young man wearing an ID badge from Nationwide Security Solutions Inc. appeared at my doorstep couple months back in June of this year, 2015. After being explained how everything works and getting cut off in my asking of questions, I asked him to wait there as I was going to grab an old motion sensor we had taken down when we moved in years prior. I returned to the door to find him standing inside my home, with my front door already shut behind him. I asked him politely to step onto the front porch with me to continue at which point he blatantly ignored and charged past me to get to my back door. Forced entry (this is how they get into houses) via "I have to look at your backdoor or else my boss gets mad if I don't do my job right." At this point I took over and asked him to have a seat at the kitchen table. I then questioned him "who is your boss?" He paused for a long time before saying he did not have one. Then changed his story and he stuttered out a name that sounded like "Willy Tard" which I later investigated and in my findings found one "Billie Hard" who I later contacted via telephone and after about an hour of trying to sell me their system, realizing I was not in the market for forced entry salesmen security scams, turned a 180-shocking enough-used profanity directed towards myself and my family and hung up on me. Through further research I have discovered this company is NOT accreditted with the BBB and instead piggy back on a company named "Monitronics" who actually monitor the system which they sell, despite the lie from the salesman posing as a "Advertising Manager." Through the latest of my extensive research, (google is your best friend) I learned the company was created around the turn of the century by a man named Jason Cane. He however is not the CEO (red flag) of this company - in fact is a woman with the same last name (assuming his wife or family relative) has ownership of the company. This is possibly because of legal reasons, as you cannot legally own a business if you have had a felony on your record (This should be filed under criminal reports) appologies. As for Billie Hard, this gentlemen flipped out on the phone after his scam failed and I told him a fourth time you are never giving a company built on lies and deception such as Nationwide Security Solutions Inc. your business. Simply Safe is 15 dollars a month and they ship everything right to your door. Please do not waste your time talking to anyone from Nationwide Security Solutions Inc. Case Closed.

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