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Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 2419 E Commercial Blvd
Phone 1-800-291-1933


  • Aug 16, 2017

I purchased a cruise with Nationwide Reservations near the end of 2014. I made a booking and before we could take the trip the boat struck a underwater object Halloween weekend and almost sank... So they cancelled all upcoming cruises and we were unable to travel. That in itself caused a huge issue with my family as we already had put in for vacation days at our work that we could not change... that caused huge family issues. Had to purchase a last minute vacation for the wife and step son. The extreme cost of the last minute vacation cost too much for us all to attend so I stayed home. A few days after the ships issue later i tried over and over to contact the reservation department. over almost one hundred calls... i was finally able to speak with a customer service representative. They explained that they had no other boat and all trips were cancelled for the foreseeable future... I advised my family. I did call back six weeks later and again had to make so many phone calls I lost count... a few days later I called and out of the blue, almost by accident, I reached​ a customer service representative. Long story short, I got an extension for my cruise. I was told my reservations could be made at anytime until August 20 2017.

Well after a divorce, a death in my family and my mom having constant hospitalizations for heart complications and surgeries, I could use a vacation... I called today 8-15-17 to speak with a representative about booking a vacation... I gave them my reservation number. The first people were not employed there when the boat sank... They did not know a thing about it. I had the finance directors phone number so I called it. I spoke with Cathline​ she remembered me... even remembered where I lived and reminded me that she grew up not far from my area... she then told me... I'm sorry there is no way I can schedule a vacation for you. I can't refund your money and I can't let you extend it because they took that option away from her... but if you had called a few months earlier, I could have done something for you... I did call. I spent my life trying to call. I told her I could never get an answer anytime I was​ able to call... she again said I'm sorry... She remembered the issues with the boat almost sinking. She had it on her computer. I reminded her I was advised that I could make reservations until August 20 2017... But again she said I'm sorry... " no trips are available. I can't book one. I have an extension to my vacation good until August 20. I was told repeatedly over the last couple of years I could make it reservation up until August 20th 2017.

At this point I felt like there was no hope... and I was right! I told her I did not care if it was a cruise it could be just a stateside vacation... anywhere... She said... There's nothing she can do. So even though I was nice and understanding​. I worked with them when the boat sank. (What else could I do...) This is now the end result. I called numerous numerous numerous times over the timeframe I owned this vacation... Never once did they say I could not buy another extension and / or my reservation had to be made months before my expiration date. I again called today and asked to speak to a manager. another representative told me "I can help you" I advised her of the situation and asked her what options I had. She put me on hold for a long on while and when she came back she advised me I had no option but to forfit the vacation and loose my money and any hope of being able to go anywhere on vacation. I by this time was very frustrated and mentioned that I have received terrible customer service throughout this entire experience today. She did not care in the slightest bit. I mentioned I may speak to my attorney and she immediately got provoked and told me... "Do what you gotta do!" then while she was in the process of hanging up the phone I herd her call me a xxx xx x xxxxx ! (I will not print it here....) Even though I should... Very classy and professional customer service...! Not!

All I want is an opportunity to use a service and upgrades I paid for! I was very understanding. I waited while they got another ship. Then as I was unable to contact customer service on numerous occasions! Only to be told today... Sorry, nothing I you do! Oh then the representative responded that for another 580.00 I could book another vacation... I said no thank you. No more money for a vacation I already paid for and was still good until the 20th.

So here I sit. Almost a thousand dollars out the window and zero help from anyone at Nationwide Reservations... Be cautious. I will not print anything negative. It is not the way to handle this... But I will advise you are much better to spend hard earned money with a more reputable vacation company. If a representative from Nationwide reservations reads this feel free to contact me I'm sure you have my phone number or can find a way to reach me... Since anyone there was unable to contact me with a manager above themselves i would be interested in finding out what you will do to make this right... I will hold my breath beginning now... Thank you Nationwide Reservations for making my vacation a real delight. Please buy everyone in the office a few pizzas and some cola. Tell them I appreciate all there efforts in assisting me with my vacation needs