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National Mint and Treasury

Country United States
State Ohio
City Massillon
Address 2112 Lincoln Way NW
Phone (800) 929-2106

National Mint and Treasury Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2022

I saw this advertisement in the local Cypress Creek Mirror out of Cypress,Tx. I thought it was legit in February of 2022 I placed an order for two rolls. In June nothing came and they have lied about expediting my order 3 times and nothing came. So I put in a cancellation in September at least 3 times and everytime I should be getting a refund in 10 days well it's November 1st and I called today to hear the order is waiting on approval for funds to be refunded. Total BS. Stay away it's a SCAM!!! . Don't do it. 8 months and nothing, they lie about shipping delays, and other mess. You can also hear the other scammers on the phone taking fake orders in the background. And they always read the same script. Normally I research everything before purchasing anything but the newspaper advertisement was a new slick way to get folks. Never been scammed before but there is a 1st for everything but it won't happen again, trust me on that. These bums need to get a real job and stop preying on older folks.

  • Nov 28, 2021

Company advertises "State restricted" coin rolls. Silver Half dollars and Silver Dollars. The silver in these coins is essentially their value with little Numismatic Value unless in exceptional mint condition or especially rare dates. At $24.65 per ounce silver there is roughly $8.92 worth of silver in a US Silver half dollar.

Coin grading ranges from several grades in uncirculated with wear appearing in Almost unciculated pieces ranging down thorugh extremely fine, very fine, very good, good, fair and poor which is worn nearly flat.

National Mint & Treasury Advertises Newspaper (article like) Advertisements offering "State Restricted" bank rolls of coins. They are the Assemblers of the Rolls, though the advertisements give the feel that they are Bank assembled Rolls. This reflects the onetime bank hoards of silver dollars stashed in the corner of bank vaults that were marketed in the silver heyday. These are not bank rolls though if they were the scam would still be present. Their rolls are smaller to keep the buy in price lower. Their Half Dollar Roll is 15 coins and Silver Dollars are 10 Coins.

Actual Bank Rolls contain the following for silver or non-silver coins

Half Dollar Rolls – 20 half dollars

Large/Silver Dollar Rolls – 20 large silver dollars

The "State Restricted" suggests that the American State noted has something to do with the restriction but it is National Mint & Treasurys restriction in their advertisement.

These coins are readily available in bags of $1,000.00 face value in the market as silver investments. Lesser face value bags are also marketed and all can be had in ANY QUANTITY.

The Half Dollar Advertisement claims that the rolls are unsearched, implying that there might be rare dates or grades within. It claims that the rolls contain coins Verified to include grades of Very Good or above. The roll has to be inspected to guarantee this but is claimed to be unsearched. Claims the coins can be worth UP TO 100 times their face value. The silver in these half dollars is roughly 18 times face value for nothing special. Exceeding that is unlikely, but if you got one worth 100 times, that would be worth 50 bucks. These are rolled up common coins.

For this you are offered these at the bargain price of $39 per coin in a roll of 15.

Silver Dollar versions of this Advertisement are offered at $59 per coin giving the buyer a less robust fleecing. There are worse coin selling Advertisements out there. TV Ads offering nano plated gold coins and the like as well.

Put yourself in a restricted state when seeing these misleading advertiesments that only offer self defeat. See the BBB and be further surprised that some of the orders are never fulfilled!

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