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National Heating And Air Conditioning

Country United States
State Oregon
City Talent
Address 1006 S Pacific Hwy
Phone 541-535-4687

National Heating And Air Conditioning Reviews

  • Dec 12, 2015

We had our biyearly "inspection ", as ALWAYS the representative TRIED to sell us, yet another something we HAD to have for the correct function of our air conditioner. We bought from them a $4000 brand new unit2 years ago, , NOTHING should be needed! They seem to convence my mom to purchase. I was here this time and said NO. The rep named Marc, TRIED to sell us a $1400 thing we HAD to have. He WOULD NOT take no for an answer. I had to raise my voice and get alittle beligerate with him. He STILL did not give up until i YELLED to him to leave the property. Marc was STILL insistent that we needed the addition and left his number if we changed our minds. He EVEN tried negotiations to bring the item down in price by $300.00! No means NO!

  • Oct 23, 2015

I have a complaint about National Heating and Air conditioning of 2650 Enterprise Road in Clearwater. They are ignoring my phone/e-mail requests to resolve a problem going back to Aug 22nd of this year. They have sold me a new unit for my mobile home and when I got back to Connecticut I looked up the bill for the one I purchased in 2008 and found that it was covered under a 10 year warranty. The manager there refuses to call me to discuss even though I have been trying to reach him for nearly 2 months. The new unit cost me 4820.00 and I am retired and can not afford to pay for something that I shouldn't. About all I can do at this point is to inform people not to do business with them. They are not a reputable business. Not sure if letting you know this but I have no other altenative. Thank you.

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