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National Field Services

Country United States
State Idaho
City Hayden
Address 1677 E. Miles Ave. #200
Phone 916-425-8544

National Field Services Reviews

  • Jul 23, 2020

CI Group paid $13,500.00 as a 50% Down Payment for the purchase of two generator sets being decommissioned in Texas. NOTE: It is not uncommon to withhold some percentage of the cost for the equipment until it is received by the purchaser.

A little background: John Gentry ā€“ National Field Services ( contacted me to purchase these two units in the fall of 2019. He mentioned the project was delayed several months and said later on in February that they were coming available soon. We put together the paperwork and wire transferred him the money in March 2020. The first month or so after we had paid him he said the generators cannot be removed right away due to COVID-19.

After a couple more weeks went by, I told him the state of Texas was wide open and I was currently working on other jobs in the area. From that point on, he went dark. He wont return calls, emails, texts. I even called him from our office managers personal cell phone, which has an LA area code, and he answered but as soon as I told him it was me, he hung up. We sent him plenty of emails demanding that he repay us. I also sent him an invoice for repayment. I tried even tracking him down at the addresses listed on his paper work.

His W9 is a UPS box and his company address on the invoice is a house he was evicted from last year. I called the VP of his company that is listed on his LinkedIn Profile, and Bo (the ā€VPā€) mentioned he barely knows John Gentry and only met him once. Bo said he has been retired for quite some time and was never in the generator business. He has a lot of history within the county court records. He tried selling the same generators to two other dealers and even received money from one of them. He also received $30K from a company in PA named Quantum Technology and never made good on that deal either! This guy is a scam artist through and through. His wife Kathy has a salon and scammed the computer company that set up their POS system.

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