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National Express Moving

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 5456 Peachtree Blvd Ste 405
Phone (877) 495-6767

National Express Moving Reviews

  • May 15, 2019

Don't ever use these movers. They came and the two guys did not move me properly. The Supervisor just stood around without working to make the time and payment go up. They broke my bookcase. Threw my stuff I. The truck broke a keepsake. They stole my flat screen TV.

I called the owner to get it back and he told me they the supervisor reported it on the truck but they could not find it. I tried to file a police report but the police said it was a civil matter. I could not afford to sue. I spend 850.00 and they tried to say I owed them more.

The movers also were rude and argued with me the entire time. I am out of 850.00, a flat screen TV and a well needed bookcase. I tried to file a claim but they would not let me. Also known as NATIONAL EXPRESS VAN LINES LLC

  • Dec 30, 2016

I was quoted 3138.00$ for our move from NC to Fl. Specifically quoted for 1618 cubic feet and a 28 foot semi trailer . Then the horror began . It was a long distance move for our family . We were prepared like pros for this move . The movers showed up a day and a half late . With a 26 foot budget truck and one mover . It took 3 days to load my already packed and disassembled belongings in the truck . Things were broken and damaged before ever hitting the truck . I took pictures and contacted the manager immediately . After 3 days in a hotel at my expense due to the length of the loading and the fact they were a day late we finally made the move . When delivering my items , many things were missing as well as damages . And by damaged I mean completely destroyed . They kept assuring me everything was insured and would be replaced to take photos . So I did , of everything . Three movers came to unload and refused to bring items to the spot in the house is like them .

They unloaded everything to the garage and told me good luck . Then they proceeded to ask me for a tip . I gave them one , he let me know it wasn't enough and I was ridiculous . Wasn't my first time dealing with someone who offered poor service , felt entitled , and had no tact so this didn't bother me one bit . They tried to charge me additional money for the move . I explained that they sent a smaller truck than I was quoted for and I was not going to pay for space on a truck I didn't use . I called budget truck rental , who THEY rented the truck from to confirm that trucks size based on vin and registration number . I also physically measured the truck with a tape measure to be sure it was indeed not the 28 foot trailer I was quoted . They only sent one mover was quoted two and lets not even mention the money I spent on hotels while I was waiting for the movers who came a day late while all of my belongings were disassembled , packed and waiting . The manager was only quick to change his request for additional money when I threatened legal action . After all we did have a CONTRACT stating specifics . He knocked down my total to $3000.00 even from $3138.00 because I had to pay for hotels etc . I had been advised the insurance claim would take up to 30 days , so I patiently waited . 45 days later I called to inquire , nobody knew anything about it . None of the people who worked there when we made the move are there anymore . The new manager Mike yelled at me and told me I was crazy to ask for any sort of reimbursement and they didn't owe me anything . That actually I owed them the 138$ they discounted my move . I sent him the adjusted invoice , closed invoice and receipt showing a zero balance and let him know I didn't owe him anything . He threatened to sue me for non payment . When all is said and done o have about 1800$ in damaged and missing items without resolution other than a lesson learned . We have moved 4 times in 2.5 years all long distance moves . This is the first time I was taken advantage of . I have contacted an attorney for a consultation on my options considering we had a contract that was not upheld and insurance was a part of that contract . I have filed a complaint with the BBB , and wrote reviews anywhere that will listen .

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