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National Automotive Financial Services

Country United States
State Alabama
City Toms River
Address 1341 U.S. 9 #5,
Phone 1 877-411-2447

National Automotive Financial Services Reviews

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  • Jan 14, 2019


I have worked for this company. Not only do they scam their customers but also their employees. Do not believe anything that is told to you its a lie. Employees get high in the parking lot and its completely acceptable by management because its easier to lie and and scam people while high. Do not buy from national auto financial, also american autoshield. They try to hide by using other names or saying they are with the dealership. Major scam alert.

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  • Jul 16, 2018

On July 9, 2018, I received an unsolicited sales call from National Auto Finance of Tom’s River, New Jersey. The offer was logical: An insurance policy to cover future auto repairs beyond the scope of existing warranty. The cost was $3,000, payable in a $350 deposit and monthly $180 premiums until paid in full.

When I said we did not have $350 to put into this, he offered a variety of generous options to make partial payments on the deposit and, if need be, the monthly premiums if I gave him my account information. I did so, and he agreed without question to my explicit instructions that the payment not be processed until I gave him the go-ahead at a later date to do so.

Two days later, the payment was processed with a blatantly false statement on the e-check that I had authorized the payment the day of the call, when I had given exactly the opposite instruction and in direct violation of what I was promised.

When I called to demand an immediate refund, I was told that it would take 30 days to process the refund, even though they had my routing number and, from my perspective, could transfer the funds back into my account just as easily as they had stolen them.

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  • Mar 10, 2020


Agree with this review.

I have been receiving calls for the last month - never received a voicemail.

I finally answered last night and the call went as described above. When I declined their offer to "extend my coverage" the caller became very condescending.

  • Aug 14, 2019

This company is not only racist, but they do not honor the warranties that they are selling, they steal from people they lie to people etc... And the company is ran by Ariel Fraud and Michael Bocachinski they have been in business for 15 years or so and its time for the non sense to stop.

They also treat their employees like dogs and door mats to get what they want its a shame that society is this way where people have money and can get away with certain things when will we have a voice its time we put or foot down and make a change for once without being criticized for the truth.

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  • Aug 5, 2019

Derogatory Language

Less than one star is my preferred rating. This vendor’s representative left a voice mail message with derogatory language including the word mother fucker on my phone. This vendor is placed on my do not call list. Horrific company that should be outlawed from doing business with anyone.

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  • Aug 5, 2019

Derogatory language left on my voice mail by this vendor. Now on my do not call listing.

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  • Jun 24, 2019


Dont even listen. Hang up IMMEDIATELY.

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