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National Auto Lenders

Country United States
State Florida
City Hialeah
Address 14645 NW 77th Ave #203
Phone 305-822-2886

National Auto Lenders Reviews

  • Jun 2, 2017

National Auto Lenders is the worst predatory lending company I have dealt with in my life! Never EVER do business with this company. I have contacted BBB, Channel 9, attorney general, CFPB, and posting all of their tactics and ploys on social media as to how they prey on senior citizens, grandparents and hard working people. I finally got some of the girls in the accounting and H.R. departmets to talk to me, and boy did they give me the details of how they run this scheme and get away with it every day.

I took careful notes and am sharing those with the attorney general and CFPB. The ring leader is Ozzie Ramos, but the BIG BOSS is REALLY Nereida Feliz. All of the employees report to her, the accounting and H.R. girls hate her, and say that she tells everyone what to do and that Knox North and John Graham dont know a thing of whats going on. The only person they had anything good to say about was Danai. Who never comes to work anymore because her husband landed a BIG JOB and was having personal problems with her daughter.

I think they said a nervous breakdown. They said they couldnt find 1 payment I made in October and I missed my December payment to ensure my grandchildren had food and a merry christmas and continued making payments faithfully. The person I spoke to in April told me I was one payment behind and due one payment. Then they came and repossessed my vehicle and told me to pay close to 3000,00 in 8 days to get it back!

I hadnt received anything in the mail regarding delinquent payments and was told they sent documents out and I didnt receive them because they had the wrong address, which was given and updated on my account for verification during each conversation. THATS THE EXCUSE THEY USE TO TAKE YOUR CAR. They are doing this all over the country, adn they target older people. You cant steal from people and expect no repercussions because you never know who knows who!!!!!

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