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National Auto Care

Country United States
State Ohio
City Westerville
Address 440 Polaris Pkwy #250
Phone 800-548-1875

National Auto Care Reviews

  • Jan 2, 2022

We started to sell warranties for a company, North American Auto Care, because of a representative that I knew pretty good named Rob Newfield. I sold a bumper-to-bumper warranty to a client on a Hyundai Genisis. After the purchase, the customer had an issue with the motor. After getting it to the dealership, Rob starts calling us and preparing us for the fact that because the replacement was #13,000, they wouldn’t be taking care of their responsibilities.

What was happening was that he was trying to find any reason to deny the claim instead of taking the responsibility. At first, they were going to deny it because we washed the motor and said that was the issue because there was water in the motor, that turned out not to be the issue, then it was because he drove it to the dealer rather than tow it. It was figured out that it was an issue with the turbo, which is covered in the warranty as well.

Rob told us that they would cover some of it, the customer could pay some and we pay the rest, however, that isn’t the agreement that we made with the customer, we assured the customer that they would be covered, so we told the warranty company that we would cover it all ourselves, we would cancel the useless warranty and use that money to help pay for the repair and not get the young soldier, that bought the car, into the soap opera that they were scripting. They agreed. We canceled the warranty, gave the customer a car to drive and paid for the new motor to be put in the car ourselves.

When we received the refund check from the warranty company, they had the nerve to charge us for processing the claim and for cancellation. We expected a full refund, especially after the sorry way they had handled everything. I guess that they don’t care about anyone except what they can gain out of business and no concern for the dealers or the customers. This is BY FAR the worst experience that I have ever had with a warranty company. I contacted Rob and asked him to kindly refund us the rest of the $209.99 that was owed to us and was told basically to get lost, I also asked him if it would be worth the trouble of a BBB report or a Rip Off Report and he seemed not to care.

  • Mar 16, 2017

I was contacted in October of 2016. I bought an extended warrenting policy given that I did not know where my car came from previously. I have ran into issues like that before. I gave them $300 down and agreed to make monthly payments. They were satisfied with the offer. All the paperwork said I has 24 hours to think about it and they will return the money with not penalties or fees. I called the next day they said because there were no issues that the money would be deposited back on the card in a few weeks. I agreed that it was fine. I called back a few weeks later and they said that I was on a list for them to call. Something happened and they were going to mail me a check instead which was fine with me. I was told it would be sent in a day or two so they could processes it in the system. It is now March of 2017. I cannot speak to a person. I have called and left a number of voicemails giving both work and cell phone number and have not heard anything since. NOT happy and would love for them to find the consequences that they deserve for doing this to multiple people.

  • Mar 11, 2017

They sell this insurance to you at a ridiculous price. Then they pay -0- on your claim - you paid a service contract in cash and they apply it to the payoff of the vehicle and then they give you a -0- due from them in this the very least they could do is refund your contract with them since they did not do a darn thing. Not even paying your deductible which was way less than the 895.00 paid for this insurance 4 months prior to the vehicle being totalled.

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