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Nathan Dean and First Flight Courier

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Phone 319-700-503-2971

Nathan Dean and First Flight Courier Reviews

  • Jun 5, 2018

I meet Nathan dean in cristian mingle online dating services. And we text and email for a long time we exchange pictures . This was my first time dating a person on line so I was inocent and believe everything he used to tell me. Ok after a wile he told me he was a bussisnes man and have a dealer in Jacksonville Florida. And he was doing business with Russians. I never meet him in person. Only in pictures. After he told he was going to Russia and bring new cars and he used to call me from Russia and he said his bussisnes was not going to good because 5 cars didn’t pass inspection and he need money for paper work and he already paid 35k and he need like 9k to complete so I wire him the 9k after he said he end up broke and he didn’t have money left.

And he was expecting money the own to him like 400 k and ask me for my address so they can deliver, I was inocent and I believe it so the carrier email me a letter to sing and I did so they can send the money to my house.

After that the courier email me and they said they need more money to ensure the package and I wire to them the money thru my bank , Nathan was begging me to send the money I didn’t want to but he insisted he said so I can come back to you and we can be togheter and I want to see my daughter also please. Because when I suposse to receive the 400 k I suppose to take 35 k from that money and send to Nathan so he can return the cars to USA and he can come back also. And the courier company was asking for more and more money security , insurance , anti fraud money laundering and I was wiring money believing it was real and I send to them like 50k all my savings

I end up broke with no money in the bank I fought this was real but finally the courier company email me and said they need more money to enter into USA anti money laundering I didn’t have no more money they want 35k more I didn’t know want to do after this I got upset depress Nathan told me please try to get the money get a loan or something . I couldn’t and I started to get upset that’s was when I realize it was a ascam , Nathan used to tell me also he didn’t have money for food and the hotel in Russia and they were treating him very bad so me inocent I was wiring him money also thru western union money gram and ria making my numbers I already wire him and the courier company 70k . Another thing I was tracking the courier company also and because I didn’t send the 35k left they got stuck in giorgia supposety

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